Friday, December 31, 2004


(Sorry about that one - I am just not feeling creative enough for a better title.)

Good Lord in heaven I AM TIRED! I wish I could blame it on someone or something, but unfortunately the only excuse I have is that I'm a stupid, stupid person. Anyway, I have lots to do today, and I'm so tired I just can't seem to handle getting started. Here is what I need to do:

  • throw a load of laundry in the machine
  • clean up the breakfast dishes
  • drop my kids off at my mom's house
  • do the grocery shopping
  • come home and put away said groceries
  • spent about 3 hours cleaning my house
  • try to make it back over to mom's to spend some time with my family
  • get all dressed up and spend my New Year's Eve at the restaurant on the arm of my husband
  • come home so I can be up early enough in the morning to deal with my kids

This, however, is more like what my day will actually look like:

  • spend too much time sitting here on the computer
  • drop my kids off at my mom's house
  • do the grocery shopping
  • stop by the restaurant to enjoy an appetiser sampler and a little face-to-face time with Spiral.
  • get home just in time to watch Days
  • fall asleep and take a 90 minute nap
  • wake up feeling guilty that my parents have had my kids all day, and rush right over to relieve them.
  • realize that Sprial actually has to work at this party tonight, therefore leaving me alone in a room full of people I don't know all evening. Decide it's not worth the free food and instead spend New Year's Eve in my jammies with my kids and parents.
  • go to bed far too late, leaving me just as tired tomorrow morning when my kids wake up with the sun.

(My posts are really getting horrible.)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Public Service Announcement

I would like to take the time to warn all of you about a new product out there, in the Goldfish family of snack crackers.

"We love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious!" (Sorry, it's hard for me to turn off the annoying songs.)

These evil little things are called "Color Changin' Goldfish", advertised to change colors when you put them in your mouth. I happened upon a great Goldfish sale, and seeing as this is one of the 5 foods my kids will eat, I bought up several bags. I decided to give these "Color Changin'" things a try.

They are just like the regular Goldfish, except they have this powdery residue on them that turns a lovely shade of red when it comes in contact with something wet.

They sound fun enough, but don't be fooled. In the hands of a slobbery toddler, they are evil, EVIL, EVIL!! And they are nothing I want to eat, either. (I'm freaked out by the colored ones.) I don't know why I ever bought them.

You form your own opinion - I'm just saying....

Gabriella's quip du jour...

(Introducing her brother to some random stranger.)

"This is Alex. When he's being naughty, Mommy calls him No Sir!"


The Tsunamis

I haven't posted about the earthquake or resulting tsunamis, but it hasn't left my mind since hearing about it. I just heard about a mother who while being swept away by the water, holding onto her two little boys (ages 4 and 2) had to make a horrible desicion no mother should have to make. There was no way she could stay afloat and hold both her boys, and knew she had to make a choice. She decided she had better keep ahold of the younger one, and let her older son go. Thankfully that boy was found 2 hours later floating on a door, and the entire family was reunited.

I cried at hearing this story, because I could place myself in that situation and imagine how horrible it must have been for her to let her grip go on her first-born.

Luckily, their story has a happy ending, while so many others' do not. Please pray for these people.....

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I have had this dog

I have a dog (well, two actually). She is a normally beautiful pure-bred Chow Chow. I say normally because in the winter it gets harder for me to bathe them, and they get a little on the disgusting side. She is what they call cinnamon in color, and very soft and furry. Her name is Kabiel. (Pronounced cub-yell.) Some of you may know that I use kabiel as my username nearly everywhere on the world wide web, so if you didn't know before, now you know where that comes from. She is now 10 years old, and let me tell you, she started out life pretty ornery, so you can imagine how she has aged. (No, really, she's a sweet dog. She's just, ah... independent.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I just saw my dear puppy fly by my living room window, so if you happen to be in Eastern Montana and find her, could you please send her home? (Of course, expences will be reimbursed.) Thank you.

I hate the wind!

They Might Be Giants

So I've had the "TMBG Quote of the Week" feature up for some time, and no one has ever commented on it. Not you have to or anything, but really, am I the only fan out there? Doesn't anyone feel like singing along with me?


I bet you can't guess what the best part of having a huband who runs a restaurant is!

Miss Speaker-of-the-House

Gabriella is quite the little talker. She will start up a conversation with anyone we happen to run across while about town. She loves to announce to the librarian which movies she has chosen for the day. She will jump right in there at a restaurant and order her own food (ALWAYS macaroni and cheese - sometimes we have to "influence" her choice a bit.)

She has turned her love of conversation into a job. She has found it her "calling" to speak for her brother. Now really this is quite a nice service seeing as his speech is limited to "juice", "no", and "ma ma". (He's certain this will get him through life, but I am trying to change his mind on that one.)

So Gabriella goes about her day, speaking her mind and also that of her younger sibling. "Alex wants apple, and I will have yogurt". "Alex is done eating". "Alex doesn't want to play with my Care Bears". And my personal favorite, "Alex is going to vacuum the house, and then start on the windows in the family room". (Opps - sorry. That only happened in my imagination.)

She will occasionally try to speak of others, such as me or Spiral. This usually doesn't work, but you can't blame a girl for trying, right? So far it's cute, but of course with anything involving children, it's going to get messy!

Little Man won't always be nearly-mute, and someday I'm sure will be just as opinionated and out-spoken as his sister. When this happens I really don't think Gabriella will see her "assignment" complete. Oh the fights that will insue over this. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

Gabriella's quip du jour...

"Is Daddy the bomb?"


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Posting by coercion

Today I get to claim responsibility for this post over at Golly Blog Howdy! Who knew I had the influence as to coerce such embarrassing moments out of bloggers?! Thanks Mellie, for sharing, and to the rest of you - beware! Perhaps you will be next on my list....

Parental Guidance advised

When I was little I remember hearing my parents talking about the movie "The Big Chill". I don't really remember what was said, other than they liked this movie, and it was inappropriate for me and my brother to see. This of course peaked my interest. I never watched the movie, but it remained taboo in my memory even into adulthood.

The same thing happened with the movie "The Shining". I remember my dad sitting down to watch "The Shining", and my mom shuttling me out of the room, telling me it was far too scary a movie for me to see. I am now nearly 30 years old, and though I have seen many a scary movie, "The Shining" still lives in my mind as an out-of-this-world scary movie that I will not watch to this day, even though in actuality it probably isn't at all as scary as some of the movies I have seen.

Isn't it funny how small comments made to us as children can stick with us. I'm not talking about important pieces of wisdom that our parents impart to us that help to shape us into who we ultimately become. I'm talking about the insignificant pieces of a conversation that we carry with us through our lives. Who knows why certain things stick out in our minds while others fade away? (I wonder what pieces of "nothing" Gabriella will remember as she grows older. Right now she seems to remember EVERY word I say!)

Tonight my parents took me and the kids out to dinner, and then stopped by my house to help me get them into bed, because they know Spiral has been working long hours and they are probably worried about my mental well-being. As my mom and I are brushing tiny teeth and reading Margaret Wise Brown books, my dad settled in on the couch to channel surf, and stopped on "The Big Chill". When the lights had been turned out and the last of the good-night kisses doled out, I joined my parents on the couch to finally rest my feet and thank them for all there help.

I was sitting there between them, and we were watching "The Big Chill". I was suddenly eight years old, and I felt like not only was a breaking a cardinal rule (Thou shall not watch "The Big Chill"!), but I was doing it right there in front of the rule-makers themselves. And they were allowing me to watch the movie! What is the matter with these people? Don't they know their little girl is in the room? It was slightly uncomfortable for me - all because of some comments they made about the movie 20 years ago. Comments they probably don't even remember making.

After they left I decided to continue watching the movie. I had a bit of a giddy, naughty feeling about it, because I was obviously doing something wrong. I watched most of it, and when the credits rolled, I thought "Huh". Okay, I can see why a child shouldn't see this movie. (Plenty of sex going on). But as an adult of course it wasn't a big deal. And you know what else? It's wasn't that great, either. Huh.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Gabriella's quip du jour

(Two years old, standing in her room with poop running down both legs, crying hysterically.)

"I pooped my room!!!"


Movie Quote Monday

(Again, let's remember I'm not promising a challenge. These are just for fun. And please people, let's not judge others. Like you have never watched a stupid movie before!)

"You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance."

Sunday, December 26, 2004

The war unending

The battlefield is strewn with the wounded. There are many, but fortunately, so far, I am not one of them. The battle always seems to go the same way....

I generally choose an early morning attack, hoping that my enemy will not be expecting me. I shoot down many, and take them prisoner. I single-handedly take them to a torture chamber where I send them through "the machine". I purposely do not immediately return to the battlefield, but instead I lay low and out of sight, leaving my prisoners with time to simmer. I return to them only once to administer an oppressing heat in hopes they will surrender before taking them back to the front lines. I always think I have them where I want them and that I am gaining ground, but as I concure my enemy they only expand in numbers overwhelming to me. How am I to keep up? There are so many of them, and but one of me.

My enemy grows daily, hiding in dark corners. Sometimes Spiral comes to my aid, kicking them back when they encroach on our space, but rarely does he go into battle with me. My children understand little of this hideous war that is endlessly waged in our household, and unknowingly fuel the fire.

The fight began long, long ago, and is ceaseless. Many times I have won the battle, only to find that the next is looming around the corner. Of late however, I am beaten, trampled upon, and left injured and confused, nursing my wounds. My entire family suffers from my defeat. Sadly it is mine alone, as they all have their own responsibilities. I accept this, and hang my head in shame for how I have let them down.

Sadly there is no "happy ending" to my narrative. Lack of motivation and energy (both of which are crucial when going to battle) are just two ways my depression manifests itself. In the coming year perhaps (and this is in no way a "New Year's resolution") I will find the motivation and strength I need to continue in battle, and again win. I will try to organize a battle plan, recruit more help, and find a better war chant than I hate laundry!!. For most it is an annoying daily chore. For me it is an overwhelming task that I dread with every ounce of dread I can muster.

Gabriella's quip du jour...

"I have a rash on my left bottom"


Saturday, December 25, 2004

My greasy Christmas Eve

There I was minding my own business, when Gabriella comes running into the kitchen with this goop all over her hands. As I am about to question her, Little Man toddles in after her and I understand. My jaw hit the floor, and I was speechless for a moment.

In that moment Gabriella saw in my eyes the trouble she was in. What had she done? She had smeared A&D ointment all over her brother's head. Now for those of you who are not familiar, A&D ointment is an salve that is good for general minor cuts, skin irritations and such, but it also works wonders on diaper rash. I must also tell you, so that you can truly appreciate the situation I was in, that A&D ointment it very greasy, like Vaseline. It also has a bit of a smell, which while not a bad smell, is one that because of how we use this ointment in our house I associate with diaper changes.

My poor son, who truthfully was perfectly happy having yellowish goop all over his head and smelling like baby butt, was then subjected to an impromptu bath. Normally he enjoys a good bath, but because he just so happened to be suffering from a bit of a diaper rash at the time had to be placed in a lukewarm tub so as not to hurt his tender posterior. I wiped his head with paper towels. I washed his hair five times. Nothing. His head was still a greasy mess. I could run my fingernails across his little noggin and pick up gobs of the stuff.

Meanwhile his bath is getting cold, and he is hungry, and NOT having fun. He's crying like a lost child in a big crowd. I have to find some way to cut the grease. I can't think of anything that will 1) work and 2) I was willing to apply to my baby's head. So I wiped his head with baby wipes (it works on his butt, right?), and thank goodness it worked. I then only had to shampoo his hair two more times until it seemed to be clean.

He was miserable for about an hour after this ordeal, and I was miserable the rest of the day. In fact, you'll note that I am still not completely over it, as I am blogging about it now. Little Man is in no way in danger of suffering from dry scalp in the near future, as his hair is still just a bit oily. And he still smells like a diaper.

(If there is some kind of award for the blog with the longest sentences imaginable, so as to render you unable to remember what the crap it was the beginning of the sentence was talking about by the time you reach the end of it, please notify the judges of this post, for I think I may have it in the bag! Maybe the BOB Awards could add that one for next year!)

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas magic

I still believe in Santa Claus. Oh yes, I know there isn't really a large man in a red suit delivering toys to every boy and girl in the world. I know that it is my job as a parent to draw my children into this make-believe story. But I do truely believe that Santa Claus exists in spirit. Even after I found out that he isn't a real person, I still loved going through the motions.

As a mom I love doing it for my kids. Of course it's a little like knowing the secret to the magician's tricks, but it's still fun. Tonight we made Christmas cookies, and went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. I made Rice Cream (a traditional Norwegian dessert), as I do every Christmas Eve. We put cookies out for Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas. (I know, we are very cliche'.)

After the kids were dancing with sugar plums (or whatever) we stuffed the stockings, and brought out Santa's gifts. I stood back and looked at the room from the standpoint of a small child, who will wake up in the morning and really believe that fat man was here. I remember the excitment I would feel deep within me to think that this legendary man had actually been in my house.

I get a twinge of that excitment even now, when I see the cookies and milk left as if Santa were really here - just a drop of milk forming a ring around the bottom of the glass, and one last cookie with a bite taken from it sitting on the plate with a crumpled napkin. That was the sign to me, even more so than the gifts, that Santa was here. I can't wait to get up in the morning and see that excitment on my daughter's face.

To all of you out there in the blogosphere, Happy Holidays. I wish for you good health, much happiness, and just a touch of magic to always remain within you.

Further evidence that I'm a freak*

Your turn - fess up.

*If you need a recap, you can find previous evidence here.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Norad tracks Santa

For the young ones in your life (or the young-at-heart) I wanted to bring to your attention this website. Thanks to Norad, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and track Santa on Christmas Eve, all while sipping cocoa and arguing with the relatives. The website is available in 6 languages, and it is very well done.

I just heard about this one last year. Imagine my shock to find out that Norad has been spying on Santa's annual trek for 50 years now! (I know - I really should move the rock more often and look at the world aroud me.) So if you find the blogging world a little slow tomorrow, go check it out. And you, with the carving knife - leave Grandma alone! She's only trying to help!

Goodbye naps

I'm starting to see the signs in Gabriella of a girl ready to pass another milestone and leave naps safely in her past. Someone. Help. Me. Seriously, if it weren't for the hour (give or take) that I get a day while they are both napping, I think I'd be a bald, crazy-eyed woman with a drinking problem.

I knew this would come. I suppose I should color myself lucky that she has been taking naps this long. I know of children who gave them up well before their third birthday. (In fact, I was one of those rebels who stopped napping before I turned two. If only I knew what sleep would mean to me later in life, I would have continued napping until.... Well, I wouldn't have stopped napping!)

So after crying in a dark closet over this for a while I've decided that this isn't going to change my life in the least. If Gabriella doesn't need to sleep during the day, we will just have "quiet time" every day while Little Man sleeps. She will stay in her room and play quietly. She can listen to soft music and look at her books. It will work! It will work!! It. Will. Work.

It will work, won't it?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dear internet spammers,

I do not have a penis. I am not looking to make my non-existant penis bigger, longer, or thicker. Please take me off your mailing list, and learn to TARGET YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC for cryin' out loud!

Toy Buying Advice for the childless

The final installment in my "Christmas Toy Shopping 2004" series is advice on what to look for when buying a toy, whether you are a parent, grandparent, great-uncle, second cousin, or family friend who has to brave the toy aisle to find that last minute gift for a child.* I cannot be held accountable for any pain and suffering caused by any toy that goes against the following guidelines. I encourage any of you who can expand on this advice to do so by commenting below.

  • The less noise it makes, the better.

  • If you must buy a noisy toy, look for one with a volume control.

  • The less pieces it contains, the better.

  • Books are great gifts. They are quiet, stimulate a child's imagination, they are quiet, and educational. And quiet.

  • Anything that will encourage a child to clean, is a good idea.

  • Always consider not just how the toy was meant to be used, but how a child might decide the toy should be used. A toy broom, while falling under the guideline above is a great idea in theory, becomes a weapon in the hands of the right child. Choose carefully.

  • Art supplies can be a great choice, but again, choose carefully. Art supplies can require a lot of clean up!

  • Look at the age recommendations on toys.

  • It can be a good idea to buy a toy slightly advanced for a child, so that they get a lot of use out of it. The exception would be a toy containing small pieces should never go to a small child (generally under 3 years).

  • If considering a toy with small pieces for an older child who has smaller siblings, consider again.

  • Simple is good. Not every toy has to have lights and buttons and talk in thirty languages.

*Please note: I am not a toy expert, and any tips here should be taken as the opinion of one mom. Also remember that these are general guidelines, and there are exceptions to every rule.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Jack Handy

I used to watch SNL much more often than I do now. I always thought those silly, corny "Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy" were funny. (I know. It doesn't take much to make me laugh. For a depressed person, I laugh a lot.)

My favorite one went something like this: "If God really lives inside us, like some people say, I hope he likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting!"

Do you have a favorite?

Mommy Matters good ideas for Christmas

Today's installment of "Christmas Toy Shopping 2004" covers only a few of the better toys out there, for all of you procrastinators with children to buy for.* Again, this is not a comprehensive list. Please feel free to add your recommendations.

  • Dirt Devil 2-in-1 Vacuum. I admit there are cuter, probably better toy vacuums out there, but none of the others I found actually pick up dirt. I say, as long as you're going through the motions, you might as well be doing some good!

  • Alphabet Pal, by LeapFrog. We actually got this one for Little Man. It has two volume levels, will recite not only the letter name but also the sound the letter makes, as well as colors. Good way to start them on the path to reading. (I'm adding this one to the list not because I know it to be a great toy, but because I am hoping we made a good choice.)

  • The Whoozit. Every infant should have a goofy looking friend. This one features different colors and textures to stimulate the senses, as well as lots of great places to grab onto. For the traveling tot, there is also Baby Whoozit. (A smaller, cheaper version.)

  • Basic Doodle Pro This allows the artistic of any age the ability to draw to their heart's content without the mess of paper and crayons, markers, etc. There are also travel versions, and they come in various colors for those picky kids on your Christmas list. (Although the little magnate shapes are fun, this mom believes the fewer pieces the better.)

  • Baby Einstein DVDs, Videos, or CDs. Even though I'm trying to encourage less TV in my house, these videos are wonderful, from about 3 months up. They are not full of animation and annoying songs. Instead they contain nice music and "real world objects". These are great to pop in if you need to put your youngin's in their exersaucers so you can shower, or just need 30 minutes of quite time. And if you watch along and interact with your kids, they become great learning tools.

Tomorrow's final installment includes toy buying tips for the childless (or for you parents who haven't figured it out yet.)

*I am not a toy expert. Recommendations made here are mainly for entertainment's sake, and based on nothing more than "it looks good to me". They are not necessarily made based on personal experience with said toy. Opinions here should not be taken as advice.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Remote Patrol

It's been 5 days now. Five days we've been living without the remote control to our DVR. I remember the last time I saw it, and unless I absent-mindedly put it in some bizarre place, Little Man has hid it somewhere. He's found a good place, too, because we've looked in all his usual "I'll just put this here" spots, as well as every other place we can think of. (I'm afraid he may have decided to hide it in a trash bag that I then took out to the garbage.)

Do you have any ideas of where else I can look for this thing?

Mommy Matters bad ideas for Christmas

Join me in a three part series I'm referring to as "Christmas Toy Shopping 2004". For the first installment I have compiled for you a list of the most inane (in my opinion) Christmas gifts for this year. This list is in no way comprehensive.*

  • Dancin' Boohbah. I've seen these things up close, and there is no educational value as far as I can see. They are just a more annoying Teletubbies rip-off. (And to the mother who said, and I quote, "Zumbah Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!", please leave your house more often!)

  • Sand and Water Table. This is just an example of the several sand and water tables available. I can see the value and fun in the toy, however I don't believe that these toys are used for such nice, constructive play as is shown in the picture. I think 95% of kids would just be mixing the sand and the water, sitting in the sand and/or the water, and dumping the majority of the sand and the water onto the ground, making it just a huge mess. Skip this one, and let them have a bucket of water in their sandbox.

  • Disney Pop Dreamer Talking Ari Doll
    . Are you serious? I'm suppose to buy my child a doll, that first of all has two other dolls that go with her, so we will have to have all three, and second of all, it's only redeeming quality is it makes noise? It will even tell you what outfit it's wearing. No thanks, I'll pass.

  • Disney Princess Talking Wand. This one is simply a stick with a sharp, five-pointed star on the end that makes annoying sounds. Looks like the perfect recipe for a giggling toddler, a crazy parent ready to tear their hair out, and a younger sibling with a black eye. Next!

  • Anything Bratz! Is this really the image you want your 6 year old to emulate? Let's teach our children to grow up and wear midriff-baring shirts, mini skirts, high heels, and more make-up than a hooker, shall we?

Have no fear! Here at Mommy Matters I am not going to just trash talk. Tune into tomorrow's installment, where I will let you know what you should be getting your kids this Christmas!

*Please note: no personal offence is meant if you have chosen one of these toys for your youngster. The views expressed here are merely my own, are made mainly for entertainment's sake, and are not based on personal experience with the product. No disrespect is meant to those who own, make, or sell these products. I am not a toy expert, and any opinion here should not be taken as advice.

Movie Quote Monday

Welcome to a brand new feature here at Mommy Matters. Spiral and I often break out with a movie quote during conversation, and then of course the other has to answer back with the name of the movie. I've decided to start the same kind of thing here, because... well... it's my blog, and I felt like it.

I can't promise you these will be challenging. (In fact, I seriously doubt I will be able to stump you all, but sometimes the obvious ones are the most fun.) I also can't promise you I will restrict quotes to movies. And remember, it's just for fun. So let's begin....

"We've got no food, no jobs, our pets heads are falling off!"

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I've been upgraded!

To all those who link to my site, a big thank you! I've been a Slithering Reptile forever, but I just noticed that I am now a Flappy Bird! (I know I shouldn't care, but I can't help but be a little excited.)

The giving tree

My parents recently took Gabriella to the mall to help them choose a couple of names from the giving tree.

You know the giving tree. They are in malls all across the country, covered with the names of children of all ages that won't have something special with their name on it under the tree Christmas morning. These kids just want something special for their own, or some new clothes.

My parents do the giving tree every year. We did too, until last year when our finances wouldn't allow it. This year, again, we are just going to be able to give our kids a Christmas, and pay our bills, with enough left over for groceries.

I asked my parents to take Gabriella, because I wanted her to learn the lesson of giving. Giving to someone in need. So we all went to the mall, and Gabriella helped choose two names off the tree. She chose a little girl about her age, who wanted Dora or Strawberry Shortcake things. She also chose a 2 year old boy who needed new clothes.

We then went to Target, where Gabriella helped choose the gifts. We explained to her what we were doing, and why. She really got into it, and was so sweet picking out toys, and telling us "Don't tell her! It's a surprize!"

It touched my heart to see my daughter get into this. It was just what I wanted to happen. I wanted her to understand the spirit of giving, and not just the fun of getting presents. She's three, but I think she got something positive out of it.

My heart broke into pieces though, looking at that tree. It was absolutely covered with names. Talking with the woman running the tree that day, she had a large stack of names that still needed to be put up, just waiting for room. We don't live in an especially large city - I couldn't believe all the names.

I wanted to be able to pick up some names myself. It hurt me so much that I couldn't afford to help one or two of these kids out. It makes me wonder about what Christmas has become. Every year we stress over what to get family and friends. We struggle especially with Spiral's parents. It seems we end up giving them things they already have, or things they don't really like, just because we "have to get them something". Wouldn't that money be better spent on a child that would be happy with any number of things, just because it was especially for him or her?

If you have the means to do so, please go find the giving tree and help a child in need. Donate to your local food bank, or give to Toys for Tots. Make the life of a child a little better and a little brighter.

I hope and pray that every child has something under their tree this year just for them. I hope each one is warm, and safe, and has food to fill their tummies. I hope each one is loved, and feels special. I wish I could change the world, and ensure these things for every child. The best I can do is ensure it for my own.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Gabriella's quip du jour...

(Gabriella trying to console her little brother, who is sitting not-so-patiently in his high chair, starving hungry, and desperately wanting at the box of dog treats he spies sitting on the counter.)

"Here Alex, have a carrot! They are like Milk Bones!"


Shopping hell...

I really do have some errands to run today. (Okay, yes, it's true I'm not done with Christmas shopping yet.) When I went to get dressed this morning I was planning on going out today. But then, I remembered... it's the last weekend before Christmas.

Well nevermind then! You'd have to pay me to take my kids out in those crouds. (You know where I will be Monday morning!)

*Note to self: Start Christmas shopping for next year in March.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Hi, I'm Christine, and I'm a TV-o-holic

I do love my TV. It's something I am ashamed of. The TV is always on in my house. Oh we aren't always watching it, but it is always on. It's almost like I can't stand to be without that background noise.

It was that way before I had kids. I actually sit and watch very little television, but I had a daily set of channels I turned on at set times because that's what I would listen to as I went about my day. Now that I have kids, they have picked up on it. They, also, don't really sit and watch a whole lot of television, but it's always tuned into something for them. It's just as bad, I know. I firmly believe that children need to stimulate their minds. Spiral and I prefer for them to have toys that require them to use their imaginations. And yet that stupid box is on from sun up until bedtime.

I have been making an effort lately to change this. Instead of TV shows we will turn on music for background noise. (This does mean more of this.) The kids enjoy it just as much, and for me, well... it's not any worse than listening to Jo Jo's Circus.

The TV has really gotten in the way of my reading lately, as well. (Well, TV, and blogging.) I've just gotten in the habit of surfing blogs and watching TV in the evening instead of reading. The other night I was forced by the lack of a laptop in the house decided to switch the TV off. CLICK It was amazing the change it made in the room. Suddenly I could hear the soft Christmas lullabies wafting from Little Man's bedroom. The Christmas tree seems prettier and the lights brighter with the holiday music. I instantly felt much more peaceful.

I brewed a tall cup of tea, and curled up near the tree under my favorite blanket and started reading that Christmas book I've wanted to read. (See sidebar for title.) I went to bed more relaxed and collected - and happy.

Oh don't get me wrong. I still can't live without my TV, but perhaps this little revelation of mine will encourage me to switch it off more often, and get back to that huge stack of books that awaits me on my nightstand.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Yes, I'm going to blog about it - again

The babysitter worked out great. The kids had fun with her, and she did a great job. (Yes, she put Little Man's diaper on backwards, but no harm done.) I probably overpaid her, but the way I saw it, I normally don't need to pay for a babysitter thanks to my ever-there-for-me family, so on those rare occasions when I need her, I'll pay her well so she'll want to help me out again.

On to the restaurant! I dined last night with my mother and father, brother and sister-in-law. The atmosphere was just fabulous! It has the feel of an upscale, big city restaurant, which is like nothing else we have here in this small city. There was a buzz in the air. Everyone there was having a wonderful time!

This was a complimentary meal so that the staff could practice. So of course no expense was spared. (The only catch was they asked everyone at the table to order something different, so that the chefs could have practice with everything on the menu.) Several of us ordered appetizers. I had the hummus with cucumbers, pita bread, and mediterranian olives (please excuse my spelling - I'm in a hurry). It was wonderful! My entree was the salmon, with lemon mashed potatoes and green beans. (I forget what the sauce was on the salmon, but it was very tasty!) The plate presentation was very elegant. I tasted several of the dishes from around the table, including the pork chop (huge!), the Kobe beef (it melts in your mouth!) and the Caeser salad. (The dressing is the traditional, from-scratch dressing - yummy!) There was not a complaint to be had. Besides the servers being a little awkward, everything was perfect.

For dessert we had ice cream on crepes and creme brulee (O.M.G.) Their coffee service includes french press coffee (pressed at the table), including a plate of additions for those who like that sort of thing. (The plate included chocolate shavings - both dark and white, fresh whipped cream, cinnimon sticks, and raw sugar "cubes".) The same plate comes with their tea service, which is loose leaf tea, again steeped at the table, so the tea drinker can decide on the steep time. (Me, being a tea snob, had a little influence over this. I just hate restaurants that bring you one tea bag and a little hot water and leave you at that!)

The whole evening was topped off with a tour of the historic building, hosted by Spiral himself. I seriously could go on, but I'm not sure you're interested, and my kiddos just woke up - it's time to go run errands.

I know some of you have had questions about the restaurant and Spiral's position there. I hope that you understand that he is trying to maintain some kind of anonymity online. Wyoming is a small-town kind of state, and most people here, and certainly everyone in our town, would know exactly which restaurant he works for. He may be more comfortable answering your questions via email in a more "private" setting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Wouldn't you know it - no sooner do I finally empty myself of all my gmail invites than gmail goes and dumps some more on me. Any takers? (If yes, please be sure to send your email address to me. You can email me by clicking the "mattered to me" link below.)

Update - December 18th - invites gone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Another first

Those of you who are parents know that we count out time in our childrens' lives with firsts: first bottle, first step, first word, first punishment, etc. We here in the Mommy Matters household are gearing up for another first: First babysitter.

Yes, you heard me right. In my 3 years and 8 months as a mother, neither one of my children has ever had a babysitter. That is not to say that I have never left their sides. When I have the need to run away from them as fast as I can go somewhere without them, I leave them with my parents. Even when we were living in different states, my parents visited often enough that Spiral and I would just take our nights out then, and any other time we could work out child care between the two of us. I have never, ever left my children with anyone who wasn't related to me.

I prefer it this way for a few reasons. First of all, there is nothing more precious to me than my offspring, and so when I can't be there I would like to have someone with them who loves them, and would care for them as I do. Because I learned to be a mother from my mother, who better to care for my kids? Secondly, my family enjoys being with my kids, and don't require any payment besides a heartfelt thank you. You can't beat that!

Tomorrow night, however, is friends and family night at the restaurant, and all of my family will be there. This restaurant is a step above everything else here in town, and though children are welcomed, it's not really what I'd call "kid friendly". Tomorrow evening's event won't be appropriate for them. (I admit it will be fun to go out with all my family sans children!)

I've gotten a young girl to watch Gabriella and Little Man for me. She is a very nice girl, I know her parents, and they don't live too far away from me. All of those things put me at ease. Besides, I won't be gone but a few hours, and plan to be home before bedtime, so she should have it easy.

So how do I know this young girl? (I'm so glad you asked!) I use to babysit her! I'm feeling my years now! She was younger than Gabriella when I started watching her. I babysat her for several years, during which time she had twin brothers come along.

So to recap for you:

  • I'm an overprotective mother who has never left her kids with a babysitter before
  • I'm looking forward to a child-free evening with my friends and family
  • I'm old

Yep - that should cover it.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Liar, Liar

It's time for me to use my blog once again as a therapy session. This is where I pour out my terrible, awful secrets in hopes that I can change my wicked ways. (I know what you're thinking, and I would just make an appointment with Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred, but the good ones never come cheap, and I have 2 children to spoil this Christmas.)

Back to my problems. I lie to my daughter. When Little Man gets old enough I will probably lie to him as well. I'm seriously ashamed of myself, but it's true, and the worst part is I will probably continue to do this until they start catching on.

The lie I tell most often pertains to her nightly need for water. You know the ol' routine: jammies on, last chance for a snack, brush the teeth, don't forget to go potty, a couple of stories, turn on the lullabies, hugs and kisses and lots of goodnights, blah blah blah. Gabriella requires a glass of water next to her bed for those middle-of-the-night thirst emergencies. (In this case it's a leak-proof sippy cup, because she's three, and loves to make messes.)

The sippy cup stays in her room, and every 3 or 4 nights we throw it in the dishwasher and get her a fresh one. The nights we "recycle" the sippy cup, she insists on "fresh water". Meaning I have to take the sippy cup, dump its contents, and refill it with fresh-from-the-tap water.

Well let me tell you that I spend all day, every day with this little girl, and by the time we get to bedtime I'm in a fairly big rush to turn that light out and hit the couch leaving her behind to dream what I'm sure must be sweet Care Bear dreams. I don't always feel like spending another 90 seconds of my day waiting on her. So on occasion, when she asks for her fresh water, I will lie to her and tell her, "This is fresh water! I refilled it while Daddy was brushing your teeth."

I know this is wrong, and do feel bad. Really I do. But seriously, can you blame me?

The Eventual Restaurant

is soon to be The Actual Restaurant. There is still work to be done, but opening night is less than a week away now. I was privileged to be able to have brunch this morning with the other managers' families, and the food was FABULOUS!! Absolutely wonderful! Omlettes made to order, fresh fruit (Asian pears, huge grapes and pink grapefruit), bacon, ham, samon hash (which was just delicious!), potatoes, and fruit crepes. Hot coffee pressed right at the table, hot tea (loose leaf, brewed at the table), cold milk and fresh squeezed orange juice. Even if my husband wasn't involved in this project, this would be my new favorite restaurant!

There has been a lot of buzz about the restaurant here in town for a long time - they were originally supposed to open in June. I really hope it does well. I think it's just what this town needs. (Not to mention the fact that my family's livelihood depends upon it!)

Lots of luck to Spiral in the next few weeks and months. I know you can make this project wonderful and successful! I'm so happy for you!

Where have you been, young man!!

We call Gabriella a "pixy chick". She's flighty, and happy, with a twinkle in her eye and springs on her feet. She bounces around from one thing to the next. Even now at 3 years old she can still (sometimes) be easily distracted. She is full of innocence. When you look in her eyes you can see a light shining back at you.

Little Man's eyes are different. Yes, they are also full of innocence, but his eyes are deeper. I have always felt from the first moment I looked into them that he is an old soul. I can't explain it really. He seems to have some kind of inner experience, and I can't help but wonder about it. Has he been here before? Who was he? He must be full of joy and tradegy, as only an old soul could be.

Perhaps he was a sea captain, spending his life at sea. Battling the storms, fighting to keep his boat on the water, and seeing his passengers and cargo safely to their destinations. Maybe that's why he loves the water so much now, and will climb in with his clothes on if I leave my back turned.

Maybe he was a mountain climber, ascending the world's highest peaks just to say that he did it. Did he strap on those cramp-ons and dig in with his ice ax to climb to the top of the world? That would explain his apparent need to scale every piece of furniture in our home.

Could he have been a great explorer, searching out wild animals on the African continent? Maybe he hid in the brush, sneaking up on a den of lions, trying to get closer and closer just for the sake of curiosity. That might be why he squeals with glee at the first site of our dogs.

Perhaps he was a poet - a hopeless romantic who was able to pen his inner-most thoughts in a way that made others weep. A gentle, sensitive heart who devoted his life to the expression of love. That must be why he is such a loving baby, who always has a snuggle or a bear-hug for his mommy.

I can't say that I believe in past lives, nor can I say that I don't. I don't know where else that Little Man has been before he came to me. I do know that any experience he was born to me with makes him who he is. He's everything wonderful that a mere human like me could never express in words. It makes me wonder about my own experience. No, I don't think I have any. I'm pretty sure I'm a newbie like Gabriella.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Spiral's grandmother passed away this morning. She was 99 years old, and one of those women Eddie Izzard talks about that refuse to die. They always joked that the end of the world would come and all that would remain would be Grandma and the cock roaches. If you have a second, go on over and leave a comment for him. He's feeling bad because the funeral will occur at the same time they are doing VIP night at the restaurant in preparation for opening, and he won't be able to go.

Friday, December 10, 2004

BOB is open for business!

The nominations are officially open over at the Best of Blog Awards, and will continue to be until December 24th. Head on over there now and nominate your favorite blogs. There are some great prizes for the winners, not to mention some great blogs to be discovered.

Go! Get!

(And by the way, I don't see my site nominated yet! - she says blushing and grinning)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Evidence that I am a freak

- I have to eat cookies, crackers, etc. right side up.

- I don't like other drivers to see me turn on my headlights, so I will do my very best to wait until there are no other cars around to turn them on. (This rule does not apply if car is parked.)

- I prefer the top half of rolls, bagels, and english muffins, therefore I always eat the bottom half first.

- I don't like to see rings and necklaces crooked. I am able to refrain from going up to strangers and straightening them out, but if you are a friend or relative of mine, I will have to fix it.

- I really like symmetry. When Spiral kisses me on the cheek, I require a kiss on the same spot on the other cheek, to "even myself out".

(Oh come on! Tell me you don't have any little "quirks"!)

Two peas in a pod

I was forced to send Gabriella to her room recently. (Okay, a lot, but let's not go there.) I have to close the door when I do this to keep my Little Man from wandering in and playing with her. You see, Little Man has never known a day of life without his big sister. He follows her everywhere. Anything she does, he has to do. Anything she has, he has to have. When he wakes up from his nap he immediately has to find Ella, and if she happens to still be asleep, it takes every ounce of my attention to keep him from waking her up.

Gabriella doesn't like to be sent to her room, therefore it makes a good punishment when such is called for. She lays on the floor on the other side of the closed door and cries, calling out for me to rescue her from the hell which at any other time is her playground.

There she is, laying on her floor, whimpering at me from under the crack, and Little Man is whimpering himself because of the absence of his playmate. He walks down the hall and lays himself down on the floor next to Gabriella's door. He reaches his hand under the crack and starts babbling to her in his baby talk. She stops crying and starts chattering back to him. There they are, comforting each other in their time of need.

Kids have a way of melting your heart when you are most angry with them.

Best of Blog Awards

If you haven't heard about the Best of Blog Awards yet it's time to take note. These awards were set up to notice the "little people" of blogging, with catagories like "Best Mommy Blog", "Best Literary Blog", and "Snarkiest Blog", just to name a few. Nominations will open December 10th for personal blogs that you think deserve to be recognized. The nominations page is open for "preview" now so you can go take a look. Be sure to stop by beginning December 10th and nominate your favorite blog!

(I'm not good at this whole "blog whoring" thing, but if you are at a loss for a nomination for "Best Mommy Blog", I do believe I would fit in this catagory!)

Gabriella's quip du jour...

(Bawling hysterically after being sent to her room for removing every single last baby wipe and "cleaning" her room with them.)

"No Mommy! Rooms are for sleeping in and playing in, not for locking in!"


Open letter

Dear Lexipro,

You and I have known each other now for quite a while. I will admit that when you came into my life, I didn't expect you to be hanging around this long. I am torn over our relationship, because though I charish you and all you do for me, I really am working toward the day that I no longer need you.

At the present time I rely on you very much. Perhaps I've never told you how very much I need you, and for that I am sorry. I need you Lexipro, and am thankful to have you in my life.

That said, you really dropped the ball this evening. I am terribly disappointed in you, and I expect that this will never happen again. I depend on you to be there for me and do your job to the best of your ability. Not only that, but so does my family. I would hate to see our relationship end on such a note, but I don't mind telling you I'm not afraid to talk to Dr. X about a replacement if such behavior continues. Consider this a warning.

Sincerely, Christine

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Winter in Wyoming

I don't know if you know this or not, but Wyoming is very windy during the winter months. Very. Windy. It screams through the trees, sends garbage cans careening down the streets, and is more than a nuisance to the general population. It isn't unheard of to get wind advisories that ban high profile vehicles on certain roads due to wind. Sometimes we have to shovel snow, even though it is not snowing, because of the drifting. It's that bad.

The wind has been howling here now for several days with no sign of stopping. (At this moment it is 43 MPH.) Just the sound of it chills me to the bone, and sets me on edge. Little Man was up several times last night, and I wouldn't doubt that the wind was what kept him up. I need to go out today, but quite honestly I'm afraid my children will blow away from me in a local parking lot and land somewhere in Nebraska. Have you ever had to drive to Nebraska in 43 MPH wind to fetch your children? It isn't fun.

Gabriella's quip du jour...

(Gabriella talking to our waitress as we are being seated in a local restaurant for breakfast.)

"My name's Gabriella. This is my brother. His name's Alex. He's a troublemaker!"


Monday, December 06, 2004

My Christmas Wish List

Spiral has been on me lately about what I want for Christmas. Our budget is so tight right now, and I love to spoil my kids, so I've been telling him nothing. He spoiled me with a PDA for my birthday, and an ipod for Mother's Day, while he didn't get anything but homemade gifts. This Christmas he is getting what he wants (x-box) and I resigned myself to going without. I'm okay with that. But he insists that he can buy me something, and so keeps asking.

After I found Beth's Wish List, and I thought it was such a sweet idea, I decided to go ahead and write my own. Here are the rules, which I have lazily (that's a word, right?) quoted from Beth.

"Step One
Make a post to your diary. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Solstice is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address.
Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your diary, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.
Step Two
Surf around your buddy list (or your buddy's buddies, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.
You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.
There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special."

And now without further ado, My Wish List:

1. My very own laptop computer (idealy with a DVD player, CD burner, and wireless capability, but I'm not picky!)
2. My daughter to just POOP IN THE POTTY already!
3. A new (flattering) haircut.
4. Gift cards! (I don't think people truely appreciate the gift card. Not only is it a gift, but it's also a reason to go shopping! Nothing better!)
5. A weekly cleaning service.
6. Regular time to myself. No kids, no husband, inside the house or outside the house - just time for me, each and every week! (And a little money for tea at the Metro would be nice. :)
7. A little HTML help. (I'd like to make my very own banners for blog explosion. I do have one running, but it's so basic and lame.)
8. Any good Titanic book that I don't already own. (Even I have a hard time knowing which is which now, but incase you're interested, Spiral, they can be found here.
9. A vacation! (preferably to Europe)
10. An upgraded Haloscan account, so that I can continue to have my comments emailed to me when I make the switch. (Yes, it's coming soon. I just need to find the time to do it).

(Oh yes, the contact info. Click the "Mattered to me" link below this post to email me.)

And one more thing. If you decide to make a post like this for yourself, link to it here - I'd love to see it!)

The stockings were hung by the dresser with care

I know you are all just dieing to hear a Gabriella story, but this is one of those moments that touched my heart, and so I'm going to write about it.

Gabriella has been a little butt lately. You all know I love her, but I'm afraid that is the only word that seems appropriate to describe her behavior. We've been struggling to teach her to clean up after herself, use her good manners (which she is normally very good at), and don't get me started on the potty training thing. All of this adds up to mother/daughter face-offs, which are never fun.

The other night after decking our halls with boughs of holly, we were eating dinner, as we are known to do. After pushing her food around her plate and complaining about the cuisine, Gabriella asked to be excused. We bid her farewell, and she was on her merry way, certainly out to destroy something, but because we were free to have adult dinner conversation, we didn't care.

Following a 10-minute silence we decided it was time to check on her, and we both got up and walked toward her room. As we are coming, our daughter starts pleading "No no no! You can't come in my room!"

"Oh, okay. I'm so sorry!" Like that has ever worked! With heightened determination, (and I must admit, fear) we walk into her room to find that she has decorated her room with socks! Little pink and green socks on the knobs of her dresser, white one on her nightstand. Red and blue and teal socks on her headboard.

"Gabriella, what have you done with all of your socks?"

"I'm decorating!"

We didn't get it at first, until she finally said, "Those are the stockings!"

What was lost has now been found

Being a mommy is something I have always wanted. And now I am one. A dream come true, in a sick, twisted way I suppose. I was very disappointed to find that once the mommy in me came out, the rest of who I am ran for cover. Motherhood must have scared the crap out of those pieces of me, because I'm having a terribly difficult time recovering them.

Success #1. I have rediscovered the piano player in me. You may know from reading my 100 things list that I started playing the piano at the age of 5, and took lessons all through school. There were more years in there than I can remember that I wanted to quit taking lessons, but my mom wouldn't let me do it. (Thanks, Mom!)

I got married, moved to Georgia, and my piano didn't follow me. The lessons stopped, and so did my playing. Besides the occasional pounding out a familiar song, and playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for my kids, I haven't played since high school.

Over Thanksgiving while at my parent's house I dug out my Christmas books and sat down at the piano to really play. I couldn't believe the way it came back to me, and how much fun I was having. I was playing Christmas carols while Gabriella sang along. Little Man danced around. I actually felt the pride my mom had in me as she cleaned the kitchen and listened to me play.

Bam! There it was. It was me. Not Mommy, but Christine. It was hiding. It saw me come in the door, two whining children in tow, and it tried to get away, but this time I was fast enough. I saw it and I wrestled it to the floor.

Christine: Mommy, piano player. Not bad. I wonder how many other pieces are lurking out there. I know I heard one whimpering somewhere in the dark last night.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fun stuff

I found this little toy at Fickle Whimsy, and thought it fun. Look what it created for me!
Mommy Matters

Thanks for the distraction, Jenny!

Gabriella's quip du jour

(As I was bringing Little Man into her room to play)

"He can't come in here! I'm busy, and he can't take my busies away!"


Friday, December 03, 2004

We're sick - round one

The "sickies" are making the rounds, and our home is apparently not exempt. Spiral brought it home, and please don't think me cold-hearted when I say that this alone was okay, in that it didn't affect me much.

Then Gabriella got it. This normally would affect me, but it just so happened that we were staying at my parents house at the time, and in her eyes Grandma is so much better than Mommy. When Grandma is around, she is the only one who can do anything right, unless of course she says no, in which case she cries for Mommy. Anyway, I lucked out there.

Now my Little Man has it, and it is definitely affecting me. His little whines and cries are just a sad, weakened version of what they were. His eyes are watery, giving him that "I'm just about to cry" look. When he sneezes he blows snot two feet in front of him, requiring me to have Kleenex constantly at the ready. All in all, he is very pathetic looking.

His room has become a laboratory of humidifiers with essential oils to clear his nose, creams, medications, tissues, and the very worst - the booger sucker. (Nasal aspirator, but we call it a booger sucker.) If you've never had the pleasure of using one of these on a child color yourself lucky. Spiral and I fight over who has to perform this act of torture. (I generally win, due to the fact that he cannot resist my feminine wiles He insists it is this alone that is the reason the kids prefer me over him.)

The inevitable is coming you know. I am next on the hit list. It has already started. I'm pretty sure the kids aren't going to be too sympathetic. They never bring me hot tea or a blankie when I'm sick. Where is my mommy contract? I'd like to renegotiate my benefits!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Christmas Lights

They are nasty little creatures. Much smarter than they are given credit for. It's because they stick together. One goes and they all go. I wrestled with them for half an hour two days ago, and just when I thought I had tamed them, they proved me wrong.

What is wrong? I tested everything. Jiggled every tiny bulb. I finally gave up and started over with a new strand. I checked it carefully before hanging them, so as to avoid any more problems, but as soon as I finish, wouldn't you know it - 3 burned out bulbs. I nearly just left them that way, but decided to press my luck and change them.

They are currently working. They are hanging in my family room window, and if I tilt the blinds a half-turn backward they all blink off. I wish I had never done the lights. My sanity is a very delicate balance these days, and the lights just may be the end of it.


So because I'm not feeling particularly creative tonight, I thought I'd solicit your opinion on Haloscan. I've been thinking of switching for quite a while, because blogger really does make it difficult to comment, whether you have an account with them or not. Haloscan really seems great from what I see and hear. There is only one drawback for me. I really like being emailed my comments. It's just so much easier than coming to my site and searching all the posts to see if there's anything new. I know Haloscan has that option with the upgraded account, but right now I'm just not shelling out money for such things. (I've got 3 2 kids to provide Christmas for.)

Any thoughts?

I've entered a new level of blogdom

I was amazed to find that my little blog was reviewed by Russ at blogcruiser. (You can see the review here.) Even more amazing, I was reviewed favorably. Really, when I saw the post titled "Mommy Matters", I clicked it cringing. I was sure I was going to get bashed as a boring mommy blog whose only redeeming quality is perhaps an abstract form of birth control. Imagine my surprize when he said he didn't hate it!

Thanks Russ. I appreciate the good press!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Gabriella's quip du jour...

"I'm getting my friends (stuffed toys) ready for the hard winter."

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