Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Parental Guidance advised

When I was little I remember hearing my parents talking about the movie "The Big Chill". I don't really remember what was said, other than they liked this movie, and it was inappropriate for me and my brother to see. This of course peaked my interest. I never watched the movie, but it remained taboo in my memory even into adulthood.

The same thing happened with the movie "The Shining". I remember my dad sitting down to watch "The Shining", and my mom shuttling me out of the room, telling me it was far too scary a movie for me to see. I am now nearly 30 years old, and though I have seen many a scary movie, "The Shining" still lives in my mind as an out-of-this-world scary movie that I will not watch to this day, even though in actuality it probably isn't at all as scary as some of the movies I have seen.

Isn't it funny how small comments made to us as children can stick with us. I'm not talking about important pieces of wisdom that our parents impart to us that help to shape us into who we ultimately become. I'm talking about the insignificant pieces of a conversation that we carry with us through our lives. Who knows why certain things stick out in our minds while others fade away? (I wonder what pieces of "nothing" Gabriella will remember as she grows older. Right now she seems to remember EVERY word I say!)

Tonight my parents took me and the kids out to dinner, and then stopped by my house to help me get them into bed, because they know Spiral has been working long hours and they are probably worried about my mental well-being. As my mom and I are brushing tiny teeth and reading Margaret Wise Brown books, my dad settled in on the couch to channel surf, and stopped on "The Big Chill". When the lights had been turned out and the last of the good-night kisses doled out, I joined my parents on the couch to finally rest my feet and thank them for all there help.

I was sitting there between them, and we were watching "The Big Chill". I was suddenly eight years old, and I felt like not only was a breaking a cardinal rule (Thou shall not watch "The Big Chill"!), but I was doing it right there in front of the rule-makers themselves. And they were allowing me to watch the movie! What is the matter with these people? Don't they know their little girl is in the room? It was slightly uncomfortable for me - all because of some comments they made about the movie 20 years ago. Comments they probably don't even remember making.

After they left I decided to continue watching the movie. I had a bit of a giddy, naughty feeling about it, because I was obviously doing something wrong. I watched most of it, and when the credits rolled, I thought "Huh". Okay, I can see why a child shouldn't see this movie. (Plenty of sex going on). But as an adult of course it wasn't a big deal. And you know what else? It's wasn't that great, either. Huh.

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