Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Laurie has a pig on her head

Those of you with little ones may or may not watch NOGGIN from time to time. If you do, then you have probably seen Laurie Berkner singing and dancing between the shows. Now my kids love music, and they love singing and dancing, so when Laurie pops up on our screen they are both on their feet twirling circles and singing. (The older one sings - the little man just twirls circles and smiles). Far be it from me to interrupt anything that holds my kids' attention away from trouble, but the true evil of these songs are the way they get embedded into my brain. Just a few lines of one of these songs and I'm singing it for the rest of the day. Like I have nothing better to do with my brain cells than to memorize annoying children's songs.

Oh why did I ever allow such a thing into my house? Then again, I have allowed The Wiggles in, so my standards are pretty low.
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