Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Public Service Announcement

I am in no way perfect - far from it, so I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way. (I also don't make a habit of peaking into other people's cars, but I'm a mom, so I am prone to notice other moms and their kids from time to time.) I am just amazed as I tote my kiddos around town how many car seats I see installed incorrectly. Last year as I unloaded the kids to go into the mall I noticed the car next to us had an infant car seat base with the seat belt wrapped around the thing twice, and not tighted up at all. This poor baby must have been tossed from side to side as his/her parents drove about town. I pray they were never in an accident!

Today, I noticed a mother and father pulling out of the parking space in front of mine with a baby much smaller and younger than my little man, and they had him facing forward.

Like I said, I don't claim to be perfect. I try to do my very best with my kids' carseats, because their safety is so, SO important. I've gone to the carseat clinics and have made mistakes. I know there are lots of parents out there in internet-land, so I just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder. Please check your kids' carseats. Go to a carseat check, or call your local fire department and find out about one. Read over those manuals. There is nothing more important. Please.
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