Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alexander's quip du jour

Running into the house while playing outside...

"I'm happy!!!"

He then ran right back out to play.

This is actually an old quip. He was about 3 when he said this.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm really trying

Part of the reason I'm back and blogging regularly is because Bubblehead and I had both spent some time reading through my archives recently. Hindsight being what it is, I see now what a treasure I have put together. Certainly not valuable to anyone else, but for me, this blog contains some of my most cherished memories. It captures small pieces of my children as they grow up. It explores my thoughts and feelings on being a parent. So why stop building something that is obviously so precious!

Bubblehead paid me a huge compliment, telling me what a great writer I am. (I will humbly admit I do have a post or two within the archives that I'm quite proud of.) I would love to do more of that - more writing that I am proud of. I sit here tonight with a blank screen, and sadly my mind is just as blank.

I don't know where the proper inspiration comes from, but it certainly doesn't come from where I'm at now. I wanted to write something that could move you to tears, or have you inadvertantly squirting your drink out your nose. I'm afraid the best I can do right now is write something that could possibly be used as a sleep aid.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My inbox is lonely

Bubblehead and I talk to each other a lot. (I know what you're going to say Baby, and that isn't true. You talk, too.) We Skype while he's a work. We email while he's traveling. So even when he isn't here with me, I can usually start up a conversation with him most any time I think of something to say.

But at this moment, he is on an international flight. I have sent an email out to him, but I won't hear from him for quite a while. I know this, and yet I keep checking my email. (sigh)

I just hate it when he's in the air. Especially these 15 hour flights. I hate when he is so far away. I'm not sure China is the greatest place to be right now.

I know he'll be fine. Tomorrow I'll wake up to a reply to my email - or at least a quick "I'm here, talk to you soon."

In the mean time, would anyone like to keep my inbox company?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gabriella needs...

Posting this to go along with this post.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I had my break-down...

over my baby going to kindergarten next year. We have him all signed up, and he went in for his "kindergarten screening" earlier this week. The woman who "screened" him (one of the kindergarten teachers at his future school) said he did great, and he's ready, so there you have it.

Alex is a June baby, and we could have waited another year to send him. There were a lot of reasons, really, why we should have waited another year to send him. There were a few, stronger reasons that ultimately helped us make the decision. And I'm still not 100% convinced we have made the right one. He's a smart kid. He certainly knows everything he needs to know going into kindergarten (and then some). He could be slightly more mature, but then he's a boy. (I know adult men who might not be mature enough to go to kindergarten.) He's a good boy - he'll do fine.

So after all that the only thing left to do was to have a breakdown over it, and I'm happy to report I've checked that off my to-do list. I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby boy to go to school all day next year. (Kindergarten here is all day - you don't get a choice.) But I will try to focus on the positives. I will have more time for myself, which I've needed since the day he came into this world. I will have more opportunity to focus on my new project. I'll have time to sit in tears and ponder where the last five years went.

I won't do that.

Well, maybe just a little.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thank goodness I blog!

I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog. It has been put *way* on the back burner of my life, instead of the priority it use to be to me. I had forgotten why I started blogging in the first place. I got caught up in the commenting and socializing of it and got burned out.

Tonight I was sitting here perusing my old posts and came across this one. I had forgotten not only this particular instance, but also just in general how he use to say "just because" in that way, and how he used to say "I sassing" like that. It wasn't even that long ago, and if I hadn't written it down, it would have been lost forever.

So beyond all the friends I've made here in the blogosphere, and beyond my fallen standing in the TTLB Ecosystem*, I have that. I have all my children's "quip du jours" that I had forgotten. Thank goodness I blogged them!

Time to get back on this horse. It turns out it isn't just a silly pastime.

*I am still listed on Blogrolling's Top 500 list. They must really be in need of an updating!

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