Monday, December 06, 2004

The stockings were hung by the dresser with care

I know you are all just dieing to hear a Gabriella story, but this is one of those moments that touched my heart, and so I'm going to write about it.

Gabriella has been a little butt lately. You all know I love her, but I'm afraid that is the only word that seems appropriate to describe her behavior. We've been struggling to teach her to clean up after herself, use her good manners (which she is normally very good at), and don't get me started on the potty training thing. All of this adds up to mother/daughter face-offs, which are never fun.

The other night after decking our halls with boughs of holly, we were eating dinner, as we are known to do. After pushing her food around her plate and complaining about the cuisine, Gabriella asked to be excused. We bid her farewell, and she was on her merry way, certainly out to destroy something, but because we were free to have adult dinner conversation, we didn't care.

Following a 10-minute silence we decided it was time to check on her, and we both got up and walked toward her room. As we are coming, our daughter starts pleading "No no no! You can't come in my room!"

"Oh, okay. I'm so sorry!" Like that has ever worked! With heightened determination, (and I must admit, fear) we walk into her room to find that she has decorated her room with socks! Little pink and green socks on the knobs of her dresser, white one on her nightstand. Red and blue and teal socks on her headboard.

"Gabriella, what have you done with all of your socks?"

"I'm decorating!"

We didn't get it at first, until she finally said, "Those are the stockings!"
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