Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Toddler smothered with kisses

A Wyoming boy, known only as "Little Man" was inadvertantly smothered this morning after his mother kissed him for two straight hours. The boy is 23 months old.

Officers on the scene reported they had never seen anything like it. "The poor baby was just lying there," said one unidentified officer. "You could see the smooch marks on his cheeks and forehead."

When questioned, the mother said "I just couldn't stop myself! His cheeks were so squishy, and he smelled so good. I had an uncontrolable urge to kiss and kiss and kiss! My only crime is loving him so much!"

An interview with the child's older sister revealed, "Mommy kisses too much! I don't like kisses!"

The boy was taken to Wyoming Medical Center, where he is recovering. Any further details could not be obtained until all the Care Bears have been notified.

The mother is being held by police until bail, set at 37 jelly beans, can be posted.

This is the first such injury recorded in U.S. history.

This story is, of course, false. My son is just fine, and very well-loved.

Name: Christine
Location: Wyoming, United States
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