Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My inner brat

This is my inner brat, whose name is Izzy, but often just goes by Princess. She's that inner part of me that is completely self-absorbed and self-centered. (Truth be told, I have a hard time keeping her under control.) She looks pretty much like I do - I mean, as much as an animated character can look like me. Her hair is very similar to mine. She's thinner, because she doesn't have kids, but I haven't let her get the nose job she wants. She has a slightly better fashion sense than I do, but that's because she lives off her many credit cards, while I'm terribly limited.

My Her favorite thing is hanging out in a cafe somewhere with a good cup of tea, her laptop, and/or a good book. In an attempt to keep her on a short leash, I'm going to let her live it up a bit here on Mommy Matters from time to time, so you'll see her around.

Special thanks to cmhl for sending me this way, and therefore causing me to waste half my afternoon with this. *smooch*
Name: Christine
Location: Wyoming, United States
I'm the Mom of two. They drive me crazy. I love them dearly. I want one more. I'm not insane, yet. My hubby says I'm a snob with an inferiority complex. There is more to me than being a mother. I just don't remember any of it.

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