Monday, August 21, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year, or the post with too many useless links and side thoughts

You know, I just love this time of year. No, it's not the promise of pumpkin patches and hot apple cider on the horizon, or the unbearable heat just starting to break. It's not even the thoughts of getting the kids up bright and early, filling their tummies with a quasi-healthy breakfast and grooming them all cute and sending them off to their respective teachers (although I will admit to having an occasional glimmer of joy over that one). It's the school supplies!

"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Oh I just love the crisp notebooks with their blank lines, just full of potential! The highlighters (the more colors the better!), the pens, the ever-evolving line of Post-It products just promising you the height of organization! Did you know Sharpie has more new colors this year?!?!

And so even though I felt relief when I received that expensive college degree and school was over, there is a real sadness in the fact that I don't need school supplies any longer. I miss searching out the perfect pen - the one you can't be without. I miss contemplating the pros and cons of this backpack verses that backpack. (No, I'm not a nerd, why do you ask?)

This year is different though. I've gone back to school. Well, in a sense. I'm taking a course through Barnes and Noble University, working on a goal of mine. The added bonus is I needed a few school supplies! Yea! I've even decided I'm going to start working on my bilingualness (it's a word - don't look it up please), via my ipod of course, because it fits my budget so well.

So really to sum up, WTG me for doing something to better myself, that has nothing to do with my husband or kids, and hooray for school supplies! (Please comment here with your favorite pen, as my favorite for many years was severely injured in a "left on the dashboard of a hot car" accident, and I no longer live in Seattle where I bought it.)
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