Sunday, July 16, 2006

The post in which she shows off her gorgeous kids

Gabriella was never great with picture taking. I'd take her in to various studios all dressed up, and she would cry and pout. Eventually we'd get some good pictures out of her, and looking at them now you'd never know how hard it was to get those adorable smiles out of her.

And then she turned two. On her second birthday I took her in to get her picture taken, and they set her all up, right in the window of the studio so all the passers-by could admire her, and then the girl turned on this machine to switch the backgrounds, which made a noise. This scared the %*@# out of her (and I suspect being on display in the window didn't help), and that was the end. I tried and tried to calm her down, but finally gave up. I never had her picture taken professionally again.

Last week I finally took her back, along with her brother who has NEVER been to a studio to have his picture taken. The results? You be the judge:

My opinion is they came out great! It was all so quick and easy. The woman taking the pictures knew exactly what she was doing, and had Little Man giggling and squealing. You can see Ella looks a little stiff and unsure, but there was not screaming and crying, and now I finally have some new, wonderful pictures of my babies to hang on my walls.

(Bonus picture for you - isn't he adorable?!)
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