Monday, July 10, 2006

Avast Maties!

So once again you can see by my absence that I've been out of town. We held our Pirate Party this past Saturday, and it was a big success! We all dressed up, had a big BBQ, and played some games.

The treasure hunt my brother and I put together was also a big hit, with only a few minor glitches. We sent four teams of four people each (2 teams at a time) all over town with cryptic clues (written in pirate-speak, of course) to pick up clues hidden in bottles. We set it up so of course the 4 teams thought they were competing against each other, but in reality the 2 morning teams and the 2 afternoon teams had to come together in the end to finish. The team who got to the end in the least amount of time (without any traffic violations!) won. If you've never done something like this I highly recommend it - it is so much fun! I really enjoyed putting it together - the only down side was I didn't get to participate!

Also during our busy week away we held a pajama party for Ella (she got to stay up until 10:30, we ate popcorn and ice cream, had a fashion show, danced, and watched a movie while painting our nails - she had a blast!), I got the kids' picture taken (those will be posted soon), and I got a little "me" time, doing some shopping on my own. FUN!

Now we're settling back in at home. We have a trip planned to see Bubblehead's family next weekend, but I've decided to send he and the kids off on their own - I need a little quiet time to myself - the summer is going so fast, and we aren't done with our busy schedules!

I still plan to post about our Titanic party (two months ago!), I have lots of pictures to share, and I would like to get back into actually writing, (rather than all this fluff I've been filling my blog with lately). Thank you to all of you who stop in and check on me!! (And hello to Uncle John, if he's still lurking out there.)
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