Thursday, May 25, 2006

This is all I have for ya right now

I was going to leave you with a humorous post, but it involved uploading images and embedding links - such stuff like that. I just didn't get around to it. I'm off for a camping trip to the lake with Bubblehead's family. I hope all of you here in the US enjoy your Memorial Day weekend - I'll be back next week.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Alexander's quip du jour - Updated*

Alex: "Whook at yow toes!"

Me: "Yes, I see."

Alex: "Whook at yow toes!"

Me: "Is there something wrong with them?"

Alex: "Dare Fwuffy!"

Me: "They're fluffy?!"

Alex: "Yes!"

Does anyone know what this means? It doesn't sound good to me - perhaps I should see a doctor...

*So Little Man came inside today after playing with sidewalk chalk, his hands covered in chalk dust and told me his hands were "Fwuffy". I guess he was trying to tell me to take a shower.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, I've solved that problem....

Remember a while back when I posted about my shift in musical taste? Not even that my tastes have changed, but that I just don't get to listen to what I love anymore, and I don't know what is new and "cool". I've now made great steps in solving that. How did I do it you ask? Well let me tell you.

First, I discovered a wonderful singer who sings about being a mother! How cool is that? If you ask me it's a topic that is highly overlooked considering how many of us devote our lives to raising children. Tina deVaron sings about the frustrations, joys, and heartaches we all experience as mothers. Her CD "Water Over Stones" has some really great songs, including "Mom Is Not My Real Name", "Barely Still a Boy", and "Come Home to Me". Not only is this CD jazzy and fun, but it is so relate-able! (If that a word? It is now.)

The second thing I did was notice that I loved all the music played on one of my new favorite TV shows. So I went to iTunes and collected as many of them as I could, and BAM! Instant playlist full of up-and-coming music! Oh sure, I still listen to Laurie Berkner and Veggie Tales (because come on, you can't beat "The Pirates That Don't Do Anything"!), but now I'm also listening to Psapp, Jem, The Ditty Bops, Anna Nalick, and others. (Bonus points if you can guess what show they all have in common.)

So now that I've got me some new music, I'm off to conquer potty training. (And by the way, if you are going to be checking in with me to read my post on how I conquered potty training, do me a favor and don't hold your breath - I don't want to be responsible for any brain damage or death. Thanks.)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Reason #17 I miss living in a big city

Milk, cheese, eggs, sour cream, bread, even cookie dough, delivered right to my door twice a week.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kindergarten Drama

So we've been in the process of registering Ella for kindergarten. Now silly me, I thought this would involve going down to the neighborhood school and filling out some paperwork, and they would assign her to a class. Oh no.

In actuality, it involves filling out paperwork, and giving your first, second, and third choice for school. (They do open enrollment in this district - it is suppose to give you choice - choice of schools and choice of teachers.) Then we took Ella down for a "screening" to see if she is eligable for their summer school program (which is for kids that need a little extra help before school starts - Ella, being the genious that she is, doesn't qualify.) We then wait a month to find out where they will put her, even though we are suppose to be able to choose.

Well we found out last week that she was assigned to our third choice of schools - the one furthest from our home, in the worst part of town, with the highest number of low-income and special needs kids. (I'm not saying anything bad, good, or indifferent of these things - all I'm saying here is they do affect the kind of education the children get in the classroom.)

I was upset and worried over this, although there really is nothing we can do. We are 5th on the waiting list to get into our first choice of schools, which after learning a little bit about how they determine these things, there is a fair to good chance she could get in there before the start of the school year. But things are more complicated than that of course.

Come to find out the best kindergarten teacher in the district is at the school she's been put in. And because of the neighborhood, it is a Title One school, meaning they get more funding for staff, technology, and the like. After doing some talking with others there are many favorable things about the school she's been put in. Also come to find out the schools have kind of gotten sorted into the "haves" and the "have nots". (The school we wanted Ella in just happens to be the "haves" school.) So apparently a lot of the kids at the first school are snotty, and say things like "Do you know who my daddy is?", and "You can't play with us, because you aren't in the same class as us." (Yikes! NOT something I want my daughter around, of course.)

So I'm almost thinking getting into our third choice of schools was a blessing in disguise. For now, there is no action for me to take, although I have a meeting with the principal, and I will make a request of which teacher I'd like her to get, as well as discuss some concerns I have. But we may be faced with having an opening at our first choice of schools. At this point I almost think I may just keep her at Third Choice School, which incidently is where all of her friends got into as well. We'll see how things go.

You know it's hard enough for an over-emotional mother to send her first baby off to school. I didn't need all of this!
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