Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am *so* done

Done with living out of a suitcase, and oh so done with watching Little Einsteins, Thomas, and Storybook Factory. I'm tired of hearing "MaaaaaaMaaaaa" for no reason at all, and I'm tired of sharing a bed with my children.

We are nearly home. Nearly as in two more DAYS to go. I have been entertaining myself on the road (inbetween changing DVDs, or playing games with the kiddos) with watching episodes of Coupling on my PDA. Praise the tech gods for making that possible, because the kids don't share the DVD player with me. I'm not even allowed to turn on one of their movies that could possibly entertain me as well. (Tomorrow I may have to play dictator and insist on Finding Nemo.)

I have over 300 pictures yet to upload to my computer. I believe two of these pictures are ones where both the kids are sitting still and looking in the same direction.

We really have had a nice time. I will write about it. However right now I think Gabriella and I are coming down with what Little Man had. That, and the fact that I haven't been alone except in the restroom for the last three weeks, and I'm a little on edge.

A few personal notes, because I'm lazy:

Irish Bean: I can't believe we were that close to you. How fun it would have been to meet! You make such a nice offer in taking my kids. You aren't the least bit afraid I might "forget" them? *wink*

Busy Mom: Unfortunately Nashville was only a mid-day drive-by for us this time. I would have loved to meet you and your Busy Family! I think I may have to organize a blogger's get-together sometime. I'm sure the rest of you would travel to Wyoming for that, right?

Sugar Mommy: You know I think I may have been just an hour or two away from you today. So close, and yet so far away. No matter - Little Man would have infected Sugar Bug, and you'd be cursing me for the next month.
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