Saturday, December 25, 2004

My greasy Christmas Eve

There I was minding my own business, when Gabriella comes running into the kitchen with this goop all over her hands. As I am about to question her, Little Man toddles in after her and I understand. My jaw hit the floor, and I was speechless for a moment.

In that moment Gabriella saw in my eyes the trouble she was in. What had she done? She had smeared A&D ointment all over her brother's head. Now for those of you who are not familiar, A&D ointment is an salve that is good for general minor cuts, skin irritations and such, but it also works wonders on diaper rash. I must also tell you, so that you can truly appreciate the situation I was in, that A&D ointment it very greasy, like Vaseline. It also has a bit of a smell, which while not a bad smell, is one that because of how we use this ointment in our house I associate with diaper changes.

My poor son, who truthfully was perfectly happy having yellowish goop all over his head and smelling like baby butt, was then subjected to an impromptu bath. Normally he enjoys a good bath, but because he just so happened to be suffering from a bit of a diaper rash at the time had to be placed in a lukewarm tub so as not to hurt his tender posterior. I wiped his head with paper towels. I washed his hair five times. Nothing. His head was still a greasy mess. I could run my fingernails across his little noggin and pick up gobs of the stuff.

Meanwhile his bath is getting cold, and he is hungry, and NOT having fun. He's crying like a lost child in a big crowd. I have to find some way to cut the grease. I can't think of anything that will 1) work and 2) I was willing to apply to my baby's head. So I wiped his head with baby wipes (it works on his butt, right?), and thank goodness it worked. I then only had to shampoo his hair two more times until it seemed to be clean.

He was miserable for about an hour after this ordeal, and I was miserable the rest of the day. In fact, you'll note that I am still not completely over it, as I am blogging about it now. Little Man is in no way in danger of suffering from dry scalp in the near future, as his hair is still just a bit oily. And he still smells like a diaper.

(If there is some kind of award for the blog with the longest sentences imaginable, so as to render you unable to remember what the crap it was the beginning of the sentence was talking about by the time you reach the end of it, please notify the judges of this post, for I think I may have it in the bag! Maybe the BOB Awards could add that one for next year!)
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