Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Incessant mommy talk - nothing interesting here

Have you discovered the newest addition to Playhouse Disney, yet? (Bubblehead, you're going to just love this!) The Doodlebops are from Canada, and apparently they just had to share them with the rest of us. You know the drill - grown adults dressed up in silly costumes who dance, and sing sugar-sweet songs about all the usual stuff - sharing, and being friends, and being afraid of the dark. (Didn't we have that covered with The Wiggles?)

But as with any of these new programs, Ella is instantly interested, and then before I know it we're watching it. And then (damn it all!) my memory for all things musical works against me again, and I'm driving around town singing those freaking songs! So it looks like The Doodlebops have another fan. (I'm talking about Ella, not me. Honest!)

Little Man loves this. I'm not even sure what it's all about. A photo of a baby, computer-generated action, in an animated world. It's creepy. But we love the happy look on Little Man's face.... SIGH

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