Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A new beginning?

We were just finishing up lunch today, and Gabriella was on the phone to her grandma, to tell her about her latest favorite color, and I was chasing Little Man when Spiral came in - about 12 hours early. (This is often a bad sign.)

Yes, he was let go. No more job. No more money (beyond what he has earned to this point - we will be getting another month's worth of pay). No more insurance. Thanks for helping to build my restaurant from the ground up, and making it one of the nicest places in the state - see ya!

The worst part about this whole thing is he was let go over something that did not occur. I don't want to go into too much detail, but the gist is someone said that he said something in a room full of people that he never said. When the owner talked to him about this, these people stood up for him and said that in fact he did not say this. The owner decided he would rather cut ties than risk a lawsuit. Forget all the loyalty Spiral has shown this guy and his restaurant. Forget all the trust he has earned. Forget that he actually BELIEVES Spiral, but needs to put his pocketbook first.

Eventual Restaurant has officially closed. Go over for the last time and show a little support for Spiral under his last post. He is feeling betrayed, and rightfully so. On a whim someone decided to mess with his life and won.

It all is just a little recent for us, as he was laid off from the airline industry less than a year ago. It's very surreal right now. We will be fine. Things will be good. But right now, we are feeling a little beaten down and used. And scared...

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