Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Desperately seeking a URL

I'm a native to the great state of Wyoming, and I'm very proud of that. I love it here. But over the course of the last eleven years I've been more of a big city girl, and have, as you might imagine, grown accustom to the "city ways".

My "small town" complaint today has to do with businesses and their websites, or more specifically their lack of a website.

Now I know there is such a thing as a phone book, and I know I can call any business and ask them about their products or services, their hours, or what-not, but I don't like the phonebook. While it does have it's place, the information is so limited. I've just gotten too use to the internet, where I can have my every question answered immediately. I would much rather be able to log on late and night, which is inevidably when my question or wondering will arise, and get an instant answer. Even if I remember the next day during business hours to place the call, doesn't mean that I am free at the time I remember to actually make that call. (I have also found that many employees these days are unfriendly and unwilling to be very helpful, although that's an entirely different rant.)

I can't remember ever having a problem finding a business's website when I lived in Denver, or Seattle. Even a small, locally owned store had a website to tell their cutomers and potential customers about their company.

So why is it that small towns don't see the benefits of a website? The spa - no website. The local coffee place - no website. The local health food store - no website. The locally-owned bookstore - no website.

I was complaining about this to Spiral when he said that if I could learn to put together a decent website I could possibly help them out. I don't see this as the problem, as I'm sure there are many web designers right here in town. The problem lies in convincing these little businesses that they need a website.

I guess I'm stuck using the telephone, or driving around and making notes in my PDA so that I always have the info at my fingertips. (Ironic, that is what the phonebook used to be for.)

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