Saturday, February 05, 2005

The horrible post in which she talks about her hair

(This seriously is going to put you into a coma. If you have any respect for me as a writer at all, I'd like to preserve that, so just skip over this and pretend you never saw it.)

I know this is going to knock me down several notches in the respect department, but I have just HAD IT with my hair. Seriously it has been the same for... well, forever! Long and blonde and straight as a board, except for that disasterous experiment in sixth grade with a perm. Oh sure, I have varied the length - just above the shoulder, shoulder length, just below the shoulder, well below the shoulder, (I bet you didn't know how crazy and wild I am!) but other than that, it's the same. I HATE it.

It is particularly on my nerves as of late. First of all it's way too long - maybe 6 inches below my shoulders. Just in case I've never mentioned the wind before, it is freaking windy here! So if I go outside without my hair all tied up it becomes this horrible nest of mess about my head.

I also have bangs, due to the unfortunate incidences (yes, that's plural) in my early childhood requiring stitches in my forehead. Now 27 years later the scars really are pretty faint, but the bangs remain because I just look funny to myself without them. (Not terribly fashionable, but a friend of mine so lovingly told me that bangs make you look younger. Is this true, or was she just being nice?)

I am in DESPERATE need of a haircut. Not one of those Super Cuts "just trim it up" cuts, but a total hair make-over. The problem is I don't know what to do with it. So I've been sitting on that excuse for months (yes, months) while my hair just continues to grow. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??

I have several gift cards from Christmas and my birthday, including one to a local spa, where I would like to go get my hair cut and styled, and top it off with a facial. Then I would like to take the rest of the day to get myself something wonderful to wear (including some fun "underthings"), some new books, and then finish off the day at the local coffee shop where I will drink tea and blog, and break the hearts of all the boys who will then be hitting on me. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

So the only thing keeping me from my day of fun is this damn hair. I just need to figure out what to tell the sylist when I sit down in that chair. I can't walk in there and say "I want it different, and pretty. Not too short and not too long."

I don't suppose any of you can help me with this. Spiral, however, is tired of my complaining. Alienating my readers with this crap is my last ditch effort to divine some kind of solution.
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