Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quip du jour double feature

"'Eight' sure is a funky word!"

Alex, while holding one of his many, many... many trains: "I want this train!"

me: "Uh, you have it"

Alex: "Oh yeah!"


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Karma is a bitch

I'm being punished for all the horribleness I ever showed my parents growing up. Someone should really have talked to me about this back when I was throwing my own fits. (Not that it would have meant anything to me at the time, I suppose.) All I can say is that I hope I get some time between doses, because this is bitter medicine.

Things that have come out of my daughter's mouth today:

  • "Nobody loves me!"
  • "You go to your room!"
  • "You're not my Daddy anymore!"
  • "You hate me!"

Calgon, take me away!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gabriella's quip du jour

Telling me about the rock she found in the backyard

"This is the family diamond crystal! It belongs to the whole family, but I mostly keep it, because I know how to respect it."


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Here I am at quarter to 11:00, sitting in my favorite chair, making the rounds in the blogosphere (something I haven't done in months!). Cozy socks on my feet, my flannel pajamas, and glasses, and a cup of tea that needs to be warmed up.

I'm watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, only because my fidget midgets are here with me. Ella is curled up in her Daddy's chair, wearing only her underwear, because she just finished a 30 minute session of dress-up. Little Man is wearing a lovely blue Cinderella dress, layed out on the floor, glued to the TV. Bubblehead is snoring on the couch.

The leaves need to be raked. I need to make out my menu for the next two weeks. I have at least four projects (that I can think of) that I should be working on. But I think perhaps instead we'll spend our day just like this - because we can.

Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Alexander's quip du jour

(After crawling up in my lap and wrapping his little arms around my neck)

"Mommy, can we pweese be fwiends todedder?*"


*For those of you who may need a toddler translation, that was "Can we please be friends together."


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thinking ahead

I love this time of year. Something about the crisp leaves blowing through the yard and the lovely crystal-like patterns of frost on my windshield in the morning sets my little heart all a-flutter. I love to bake this time of year, putting yummy goodies away in the freezer for the cold winter nights when the kids are in bed and Bubblehead and I can settle down with a hot cup of tea. Plus having the oven on keeps me warm while standing on my cold tile floor. (Check out this site for some really cute baking ideas!)

As soon as Autumn hits I start thinking about Christmas. I love Christmas, because of all the family, and fun, and traditions. And yes, the presents are fun, too. The one problem I've always faced is that even though I starting thinking about Christmas early, I never seem to get things done early. (If I were smart I would be finishing up my shopping right now, but truth be told, I haven't gotten beyond the idea stage yet. At least I'm ahead from last year!)

This year one of the things we are getting for the kids are personalized books - go check them out. It's a unique gift, and is just another way to encourage reading.

And with Christmas coming up I have to share one more great find with you. There is a new service out there offered by Gaga's. They rent out special occasion wear for kids. I think this is a awesome idea for holidays, weddings, etc. Think of the money you can spend on a gorgeous little outfit for your child only to have them wear it once. At Gaga's, you can choose the perfect little outfit, and they rent it to you for 3 weeks, with free shipping both way - you don't even have to launder it! Very cool! I'm thinking about renting little formal outfits for my two just to have their Christmas pictures taken.

And lastly, because it's on my mind, I want to send my heart-felt sympathies to the family and friends of Todd Skinner. No child should have to lose their Daddy. I'm just so sorry....
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