Thursday, January 19, 2006

Have I ever told you about my brother?

Quick vacation update: We had a wonderful time at Disney on Monday, and Epcot yesterday. We are now getting ready to start the very very long journey home. Little Man woke up this morning with a fever, so this should be extra fun. I will update again soon, when time allows.

I have a brother. "J". He's younger than I am, by less than 2 years. I think the world of him. In fact I think so highly of my brother that I suspect Bubblehead has a strange, but friendly sort of jealousy (for lack of a better word) for J. ("Everything he does is art.")

J and I, as I said, are very close in age, and when we were growing up, we moved around a lot. So there was a lot of changing schools, changing homes, changing friends. But I always had him, and he always had me. Of course we fought. (Oh we could fight!), but we were great friends. I'm happy to say that we still are, and nothing cheers me up quite like talking to my brother.

And since I'm talking about him, I will just mention here that I think he is one of the smartest, funniest people ever. If I need a smile, or some help, he's the guy to go to.

It is because of this that I chose to have my kids so close together. (My kids are 26 months apart, and J and I are 22 month apart. I have had thoughts since that perhaps I had my kids too close together!) I think one of the greatest gifts I could give my kids is each other. I hope they grow up always loving each other (Even if sometimes it's just down deep inside.) I hope they talk on the phone regularly as adults, and play funny little games with each other. I hope that one day, when Bubblehead and I are gone, and they have families of their own, they will still get together, and sit and talk about when they were little - playing Sally and Oregon, and that time she covered his head in diaper cream, and all the other things they have yet to do together.

J, I love you, you know.

And Mom and Dad? Thanks.
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