Monday, November 14, 2005

Goodbye good friend

Kabiel & Ella
Originally uploaded by kabiel.
If you know me online you may know me as kabiel, which is my often-used username around the internet. I stole the name from my little K-9 friend, seen here with Ella.

We got Kabiel from my cousin, who bred Chows for a while, while we were living in Georgia. She kept me company while Bubblehead went out to sea. She was the cutest little puppy, and ornery from the day she was born. Ornery, but sweet. Just a good dog.

She loved "playing" with other animals. Among her prize catches was a oppossum, an armidillo, and two birds. Sadly (or fortunately, depending who you are in this scenario) she never caught the much sought-after squirrel.

She moved clear across the country with us, in the back of our car. She and her brother Kaleb shared the back seat, and she just stretched right out on that seat. Poor Kaleb slept sitting up leaning against the window.

Kabiel hasn't been well lately. She was coming up on her 11th birthday next month, but it became more and more apparent to us that she wouldn't make it that far. Today when the snow started blowing I went to bring the dogs in, but Kabiel wouldn't get up and come in for me. I had to brush the snow off of her and pick her up and carry her in. I laid her on a towel near me in the living room. She rolled over a few times while I watched TV. When I took the kids outside to play in the snow, she didn't want to join us.

Bubblehead spent some time scratching Kabiel's ears tonight, and he said he even got a few little tail wags out of her. We could see that she was on her way out, and we decided to take her into the vet in the morning to have her put to sleep.

But Kabiel decided to go at home, while the kids were eating suckers and laughing at their Daddy.

Goodbye little girl. Thank you for making me feel safe all those nights we spent by ourselves. Thank you for letting me scratch that soft spot right near the tip of your nose, even though I know you didn't really like it. Thank you for putting up with the kids when they wanted to "feed" you leaves.

I'm sorry little girl. I miss you...
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