Saturday, June 18, 2005

In honor of tomorrow

Things I love about my darling husband (in no particular order)

  1. He loves me
  2. He is so much more than I deserve
  3. He is the greatest father
  4. He is smart
  5. He knows how to push all my buttons
  6. He is an excellent musician
  7. He loves his country
  8. He has a wonderful (rare) work ethic
  9. He plays all my games
  10. He is a great cook
  11. He always seems to find a way to get me the things I really want
  12. He knows all my favorite movie quotes
  13. He passed his eyes and his curls onto our daughter
  14. He passed his sense of humor and his courage on to our son
  15. He seeds my watermelon for me
  16. He blesses each and every one of my sneezes - even when I sneeze 9 times in a row
  17. He doesn't worry
  18. He scoops my ice cream for me
  19. He makes me laugh
  20. He loves the outdoors
  21. He is confident
  22. He doesn't mind that I am in love with Jude Law
  23. He changes diapers
  24. He knows just how to make my tea
  25. He loves his family
  26. He loves my family
  27. He humors me
  28. He's been there for me for 14 years
  29. He thinks I'm beautiful
  30. He is a good friend
  31. He is ambitious
  32. He doesn't pretend to understand me when he doesn't
  33. He thinks I'm sexy
  34. He took me across the country twice, and then brought me back home
  35. He puts me before himself
  36. His 90/10 rule
  37. He introduced me to my three favorite bands
  38. And took me to their concerts
  39. He has stuck by me through my depression
  40. He never saw any other option
  41. He gave me her
  42. He gave me him
  43. He makes *the* best cookies
  44. He's grounded
  45. He agrees with me*
  46. He is patriotic
  47. He knows me
  48. He isn't fake
  49. He lets me win
  50. He's mine

*on the big, important issues
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