Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The right choice

Have you seen the new Wendy's commercial? As a general rule I hate commercials - I can't believe that marketing "experts" think these stupid ads are going to reach out to us and make us want to buy whatever they are selling.

But this one I like. (Not for any reason associated with Wendy's, though.)

A drawer full of T-shirts, with one that says "wear this one".

A car with a sticker that says "the right car".

A paint swatch card with the word "yes" on one of the colors.

I wish life could be like this! I'd love to open the yellow pages up to preschools and find the answer plainly in front of me. I'd really like to walk up to the parenting section of the bookstore and find a nice big note on a potty-training book that says "do it this way". It would make my day to go into the grocery store and come out with even just one item that guarentees my kids will eat it.

Do you know how much money I've wasted on sippy cups? I've bought just about every sippy cup on the market trying to find just the right one - one my kids have an easy time with, that doesn't resemble a baby bottle, but doesn't leak when turned upside-down and shaken vigorously. Why can't they just tell you on the package "This sippy cup will actually make quite a mess, and your kids won't like it."

"Don't buy that car!"

"Take this job"

"You might not want to leave your car parked on the street here, even though it's locked."

"Don't trust this guy"

"The price of gas is cheaper 20 miles down the road"

"Play these lottery numbers"

No, life could never be this easy, could it. I know we need to struggle, make our own decisions - and mistakes. It builds character, right? I think my character is pretty alright. I'm not perfect, but I'm working on it, which is all any of us can do. Wouldn't it be nice if just once in a blue moon, something was as easy as this?

What if it was. What would your sign say?
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