Sunday, December 12, 2004

Where have you been, young man!!

We call Gabriella a "pixy chick". She's flighty, and happy, with a twinkle in her eye and springs on her feet. She bounces around from one thing to the next. Even now at 3 years old she can still (sometimes) be easily distracted. She is full of innocence. When you look in her eyes you can see a light shining back at you.

Little Man's eyes are different. Yes, they are also full of innocence, but his eyes are deeper. I have always felt from the first moment I looked into them that he is an old soul. I can't explain it really. He seems to have some kind of inner experience, and I can't help but wonder about it. Has he been here before? Who was he? He must be full of joy and tradegy, as only an old soul could be.

Perhaps he was a sea captain, spending his life at sea. Battling the storms, fighting to keep his boat on the water, and seeing his passengers and cargo safely to their destinations. Maybe that's why he loves the water so much now, and will climb in with his clothes on if I leave my back turned.

Maybe he was a mountain climber, ascending the world's highest peaks just to say that he did it. Did he strap on those cramp-ons and dig in with his ice ax to climb to the top of the world? That would explain his apparent need to scale every piece of furniture in our home.

Could he have been a great explorer, searching out wild animals on the African continent? Maybe he hid in the brush, sneaking up on a den of lions, trying to get closer and closer just for the sake of curiosity. That might be why he squeals with glee at the first site of our dogs.

Perhaps he was a poet - a hopeless romantic who was able to pen his inner-most thoughts in a way that made others weep. A gentle, sensitive heart who devoted his life to the expression of love. That must be why he is such a loving baby, who always has a snuggle or a bear-hug for his mommy.

I can't say that I believe in past lives, nor can I say that I don't. I don't know where else that Little Man has been before he came to me. I do know that any experience he was born to me with makes him who he is. He's everything wonderful that a mere human like me could never express in words. It makes me wonder about my own experience. No, I don't think I have any. I'm pretty sure I'm a newbie like Gabriella.
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