Monday, June 27, 2005

Pass the aloe

Did I forget to mention my stupidity? (Of course I did!) Upon arriving at Water World on Saturday I sat my family down with a large bottle of sunblock and started slathering. Bubblehead and I proceeded to cover every square inch of our children, and then while I was finishing up I sent Bubblehead off to get a locker to lock up our valuables. (No, not the children.)

Bubblehead decided to take his chances with the sun, because he is darker than I am, and has had much exposure to the sun already this summer, he didn't bother with any sunscreen at all. (Nutcase that he is.) I, on the other hand, am about as white as they come, and I have learned the hard way over the years that this white girl was just meant to be white. There will be no gorgeous glowing tans for me, so I've stopped trying. I covered myself with the same SPF 2000 that my kids got, and was very careful, because on my list of the last things I need, a suburn is #27. When Bubblehead arrived back I even had him dab the part in my hair with sunscreen. Off we went.

Did you happen to catch what I forgot?... Yeah, me either. Until later that night when I was trying on outfits at a Fort Collins retail store and caught a glimpse of my back as I pulled my shirt up over my head. Oops!

I remembered the PART IN MY HAIR and forgot about my back. Lovely, Christine. At least I saved my babies from the pain and suffering that is sunburn.

I'm in pain! Bubblehead is at work, and Gabriella wouldn't dream of getting goo on her hands! Can anyone get my back for me?


And for those of you who may have wondered: No, Bubblehead did not get burned. He spent 4.5 hours in the sun with the rest of us and is sporting a lovely, dark tan with not an inch of redness. I hate him.
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