Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A boy and his Teletubby

My Little Man is all boy. He loves to shake his little fists and yell. He growls while grinning mischievous grins. He throws things, not out of anger, but out of pure joy. He pushes his little trucks around rumbling and screeching. He gets excited when faced with his daddy's favorite sports teams' emblems. I fear for the amount of testosterone I will be faced with later in his life.

As much of a boy as he is, occasionally we get a glimpse of his feminine side. In this case it takes the form of a Teletubby. Laa Laa to be exact.

His Laa Laa is a six-inch tall stuffed toy. He sees it and goes nuts, hugging it close to him, chattering away. If I turn on a teletubbies video for him he runs to find his precious Laa Laa, holding it in his dimpled arms and pointing excitedly at the television. And let it also be known that you don't mess with Laa Laa! Heaven help the ears of the person who dare take Laa Laa from this boy. This is such a different side of him.

Recently while on a family trip to the mall, we were waiting for Bubblehead when I spied a Dipsy, exactly like his Laa Laa, sitting in a clearance bin. As a way to pacify him during our wait I picked it up and showed it to him. Big. Mistake. The poor boy's face contorted into utter sadness when we put it back to be on our way. And of course Mommy found it so sweet and pathetic that Little Man now owns Dipsy.

Thank goodness there are only four Teletubbies. We all know how this played out with the Care Bears.

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