Monday, January 24, 2005

Imaginary Friends

Night and I are close friends, and we go way back. I remember when I was in junior high school I'd stay up with him and watch Love Boat reruns and have a snack while the rest of my family slept. When Spiral was out to sea, I'd hang out with my good friend, watching TV or reading. Sometimes I'd even get some homework done.

Then I had children, and that put a strain on my relationship with Night. Oh we are still well aquainted, and get together regularly. But I am not as good company as I once was. I sit with my eyes half closed yawning. Spiral tells me to go to bed, and I know I should, but I just enjoy the quiet, peaceful company of my good friend, and all the more so after spending my days with my children, who are not quiet and peaceful.

You see my problem is that I am now forced to socialize with a "new friend", Morning.
Morning and I have known each other just as long, but we don't get along as well. In high school it seemed that Morning was always antagonizing me, hindering my every move. He would tease me as I got ready for school - not letting me get my hair just right, or keeping me from getting ready in time for a good breakfast before going off to school. In my early married days I had a welcome respite from Morning, as I was taking night classes, and only worked in the afternoons, but alas those times are gone.

My children, you see, are the best of friends with Morning. They get right up, so happy to see him, and they laugh and play and sing. "Morning is here! Morning is here!" I tolerate Mornings because of my chidren's love for him. I don't know how much longer this can go on.

As a mother I think it's important for me to watch carefully the relationship my children form with others, and be on the look-out for any bad influences in their lives. But what do you do when your children have a friend who is wonderful to them, who makes them happy, but is a bad influence on you? I must have missed that after-school special growing up.
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