Thursday, January 20, 2005

Community - part 2

Recently I challenged all of you to post a comment on a blog that you have never commented on before. I have found the world to be less than polite and kind a lot of the time. We keep to ourselves, and are too busy or jaded to break out of our shells and pay a compliment to a stranger, or give out a simple smile or hello.

Sitting behind the safety of our computers makes us brave. We are (hopefully) more friendly with each other; more likely to open up to another human being.

You all followed through with my challenge fabulously! I'm very proud of all of you. I would like to issue a new challenge to you, and I have to throw some credit for this toward Buzz (who sadly has moved on from his blog recently.) He came up with the idea of Blog It Foward, which basically means that if you find a post on a fellow blogger's site that you think is wonderful, link to it on your site and send your readers there.

Once again, this is a way to help others find new blogs. It "spreads the love" so to speak. It also makes it easy for you on those days when you have nothing to blog about yourself.

So here is your challenge: Sometime this week I want you to "blog up" a fellow blogger, linking to them in a post on your blog. Tell us how you found them, or what you love about them or their post. (Once again, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.) I hope you will also leave me some way to find your post (comment, trackback, or email). I'm sure there are some wonderful blogs out there I haven't found yet, and I know you can point me toward them.

Go ahead - make someone else's day! It will make you feel good!
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