Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Have you ever watched a young child at play? I am amazed at the way they will walk right up to each other, introduce themselves, and are instant friends. Occasionally my daughter while we are waiting at a restaurant or meandering around the mall will just walk up to a child she sees and just give them a hug! And more often than not, they hug back. How weird is that? And then I realized that the only reason this is amazing is because we adults are not like this.

What is it between childhood and adulthood that suddenly makes it not okay to start a conversation with someone? To smile at each other and say hi? I know that there are some people like this, but they are not the norm. In fact they are so rare that the rest of us think they are foward and "loony". Why? Because they are friendly?

The blogosphere is less like this. You can stop by someone's site, hear what they have to say, and just leave them a casual comment. (Unfortunately it also makes some people more comfortable with be hateful towards others.)

I have been visiting Michele for some time now, and have been watching her. Her posts are usually short, and also usually interactive. She is highly popular, and I have read that if you are the target of her comment game, she sends more traffic to your site than Blog Explosion. So what is it about Michele that everyone loves?

Well, I'd love to tell you, but I think our friends Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred said it better than I ever could:

"Michele's blog is like a improv theater stage. Michele provides the ideas, and you and I, her readers, pick up the ball and run with it. Every commentator... gets to take the stage and be the star. In other words, Michele offers us all the chance to show the very best of ourselves- and almost all of us do, everyday. Our words, ideas and humor bring out the best in our fellow readers, and so on."

I think the problem with the world (well, one of them) is that we aren't friendly with each other. We go about in our own little bubbles and for the most part keep to ourselves. We are quick to judge others without information and are cruel to each other without considering the other's feelings. We are all different, but that is what makes this world so interesting and wonderful. Why can't we accept that? (And seriously, would you really want everyone in the world to be and think just like you? Then what would make you unique?)

Michele's site is different because whether she knows it or not, whether she means to or not, she is making the blogging world smaller and friendlier. We are getting to know each other because Michele is here introducing us to each other.

So in the great spirit of Michele, I am giving you all an assignment for today. All you have to do is comment on one site today that you've never commented on before. Easy, right? Yeah, that's it. The only other rule I have is if you can't say something nice, move on until you can.

You blog explosion users have it easy - comment on the next site you come to. Click the "next blog" button at the top right of my site and it will take you to a random site. Or click on one of the sites on my blogroll.

Leaving comments makes others feel good. It makes this world seem a little less harsh and a little more close-knit. (It can also increase your traffic.)
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