Monday, November 15, 2004

I've been dreading this

I knew it was inevitable. I knew it would come. I've been terrified since the day she learned to talk of this day coming, and now unfortunately I have the sad, sad duty to report to you that it has arrived...


I suppose because little children are curious about everything, and they are looking for information.


Because they want to know all about the world around them. There is so much to know.


The world is a big place and...


Well, I'm not sure exactly. It just is. It's filled with so many different things: animals, plants, people,...


I don't know! It just is! Now hush and let Mommy finish blogging!

She has hit the "why phase". I really hate this phase. I babysat for a little girl once (and I do mean once) who all night long kept repeating this one word to me, wanting more and more information from my then 18 year old brain, until my ears started to bleed. Now I live with one of these.

Can any of you more experienced parents out there tell me how long this phase lasts? We're on about day three, and I'm already poised with the icepick ready to shove it into my ears at the sound of that little voice uttering that word to me.

As a side effect, it has also marked the beginning of my new phase: the "Because I said so!" phase.
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