Thursday, May 08, 2008

Marathon training

I have posted a couple of times just in passing that I'm working toward the Disney World Half Marathon in January. You have to understand what a feat this really is. You see, at my core I'm ...... well, lazy. If I could sit all day at my computer or reading a book without my house turning into the proverbial pig sty, I would do it. My intentions are great, but my motivation is very low.

But thanks to a very good friend of mine, somehow I am now not only exercising, but learning to enjoy it. I am trimming down, and feeling great. So we are going to Disney World in January and doing the half marathon together. (To be followed by a week in the Magic Kingdom - nice reward for all the hard work!)

We've been walking since September. (I say we. What I mean is me. She is in great shape, works out every day, has a personal trainer. Thank goodness she has that motivation that I lack!) We walk "the loop", which is ABOUT 3.5 miles. Just recently we've started walking it twice, with a little running mixed in. I'm now starting to feel like I will actually be able to do this!

I don't really have a point here, except that I am just so proud of myself. This is the first goal I've had for myself since I can't remember when. Something that is just about me, and not about being a good mother or wife or keeping a good home.

Now my next challenge is to find the time to keep my training going over the summer. (Now I exercise while the kids are in school. That will be going away for a few months. And I will be on my own for the month of June, since my friend is jetting off to Europe.)

There is a local half marathon on July 4th, which we will be walking, with no expectations but to finish it. Imagine - me, excited about exercising!

(Thank you, Suzanne!!)

More updates on this to come...
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