Sunday, April 06, 2008

My inbox is lonely

Bubblehead and I talk to each other a lot. (I know what you're going to say Baby, and that isn't true. You talk, too.) We Skype while he's a work. We email while he's traveling. So even when he isn't here with me, I can usually start up a conversation with him most any time I think of something to say.

But at this moment, he is on an international flight. I have sent an email out to him, but I won't hear from him for quite a while. I know this, and yet I keep checking my email. (sigh)

I just hate it when he's in the air. Especially these 15 hour flights. I hate when he is so far away. I'm not sure China is the greatest place to be right now.

I know he'll be fine. Tomorrow I'll wake up to a reply to my email - or at least a quick "I'm here, talk to you soon."

In the mean time, would anyone like to keep my inbox company?
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