Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm really trying

Part of the reason I'm back and blogging regularly is because Bubblehead and I had both spent some time reading through my archives recently. Hindsight being what it is, I see now what a treasure I have put together. Certainly not valuable to anyone else, but for me, this blog contains some of my most cherished memories. It captures small pieces of my children as they grow up. It explores my thoughts and feelings on being a parent. So why stop building something that is obviously so precious!

Bubblehead paid me a huge compliment, telling me what a great writer I am. (I will humbly admit I do have a post or two within the archives that I'm quite proud of.) I would love to do more of that - more writing that I am proud of. I sit here tonight with a blank screen, and sadly my mind is just as blank.

I don't know where the proper inspiration comes from, but it certainly doesn't come from where I'm at now. I wanted to write something that could move you to tears, or have you inadvertantly squirting your drink out your nose. I'm afraid the best I can do right now is write something that could possibly be used as a sleep aid.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!
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