Thursday, October 12, 2006

Because a good one is so hard to find....

I have to share with you a new find of mine - the new baby monitor from Philips. "But Christine," you say. "What do you need with a baby monitor?" Well you see, Ella's room is a ways away from the rest of us, and me being the pessimistic, slightly paranoid person that I am, like to have that little extra connection to her room at night. It's handy for bad dreams, and waking up sick, and if someone ever tried to get into her bedroom whilst we were sleeping, I'd like to think the monitor would give me a heads-up. (And like I told Bubblehead, it could come in very handy when they are teenagers as well!).

I've used a couple of different monitors since they were babies, with varying degrees of success, but I've always gotten a bit of static or white noise. When we lived in Denver I could even "enjoy" my neighbor's phone calls.

The DECT monitor is just awesome! First of all, it is digital and wireless, and guarantees no interference at all. It used 60 channels and automatically switches whenever it detects something else using a particular channel. It of course lets me hear into Ella's room, with no background noise at all - I don't even know it's on until I hear her make a sound. But its wonderment does not stop there! It allows me to talk back to her, by pushing a button - nice when she just needs a little reassurance to go back to sleep.

But wait - there's more! It monitors the temperature in her room, and will alert me if it gets below or above a set temperature. It has a built in night light (very subtle), and will play one or all of 5 different lullabies. I can turn the lights and lullabies on either with the main unit in her room, or with the receiver unit in my room. I haven't found it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it has a secret setting for mowing the grass and putting away the laundry!

So just in case you are in the market for a baby monitor for your new baby (or your new teenager...), this is honestly the best monitor I've ever used. Very cool!
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