Monday, September 04, 2006

My Personal Assistant (digital, that is)

I have techno-joy. I think I may have mentioned it before. Not that I'm a technical know-it-all, but I really love computers, and I'm not at all afraid of them, like some people can be. I have confidence in myself that if the problem isn't hardware, I can usually figure it out. (Hardware, I don't go there.)

Back when we lived in Seattle and the Palm Pilot was fairly new to the market, Bubblehead's employer purchased one for him, and I sat on the couch one night playing with it - marveling at it's then high-tech two-toned screen, with the three or four games it had built in. How amazing is this?! And you can keep your appointments and contacts in it! I was in love.

A year or so later, they upgraded his Palm, and I was allowed his hand-me-down, and I was in heaven! Look at my little computer - I can carry it with me everywhere I go! I can play Freecell while I wait at the doctor's office! I'll never have to memorize my brother's phone number again! My life is so much easier because of this beautiful pocket-sized doo-hicky!

You can imagine my envy when Bubblehead came home with a Palm that boasted a COLOR SCREEN! Isn't technology amazing! Every time he upgraded, I got his cast-offs. And with each one I had a little bit more memory to fill, usually with games I rarely played, but felt so satisfied that they were there just incase I got tired of playing Freecell.

Eventually I learned to utilize these mini-computers for more than just card games. I now own my second very own, brand-new-to-me Pocket PC. (Palm was cast aside a while back.) Color screen, two memory card slots, built-in wireless. I can surf the information super highway from the toilet if I so desire. I keep a multitude of lists on it (and anyone who knows me knows I love to makes lists), I keep my ever-growing schedule of appointments on it, complete with little icons and color-coded catagories. It's the only place I have a complete list of addresses and phone numbers. I get my weather forecasts uploaded daily. I have a small library on one memory card, pictures of my family, an audio book, and a program that tracks all my books. (My titanic collection has gotten big enough I now have to consult my handheld on whether or not I own a particular book.) I can convert and watch movies and TV shows on my little friend, read entire novels and how-to books, I have a dictionary and three foreign language to English dictionaries, which I use (or have used) while reading certain books. I can listen to music - I can even blog right from the palm of my hand.

And while I've moved on from Freecell, I have a really nice collection of games, which I can play while listening to an audio book or watching TV, or while waiting in the doctor's office. Because some things will never change.
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