Friday, September 29, 2006

I found a way to fool my sweet tooth!

I have such a sweet tooth, that actually there are probably several of them in there. I crave something sweet literally after every meal. (Think I'm kidding? I finished my breakfast off this morning with a gingerbread cookie.)

I'm not one to worry too much about calories or fat intake, although goodness knows I could stand to lose a few (or 20) pounds. So I decided I should probably try to keep the desserts down to one a day. This is difficult, so I've been trying to find little ways to "fool" that sweet tooth of mine. I'll snack on Life cereal, which I have to say is tasty. After lunch, instead of breaking out the ice cream, I found these new yogurts from Yoplait. With flavors like dulce de leche, latte, and key lime pie, I may just be able to drop a pound or two before the holidays come round. (Note to self: write to Yoplait about a pumpkin pie flavored yogurt.)

Now I just need to work on a way to exercise without actually exercising, and I'll be set!
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