Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Uncle Bubba's Oyster House

The first stop on our trip that I was really excited about was Savannah Georgia. As you may or not be aware, Bubblehead was stationed in Georgia for over 4 years in the Navy, so this was visiting our old stomping grounds for me. All the way from the highway into Savannah I am babbling away about my favorite restaurant in Savannah, Snappers.

(aside) Bubblehead and I use to love to visit Savannah while we lived in the Southeast. We had found Snappers completely by accident, and when we went in for lunch they were offering free cups of their shrimp bisque. I wouldn't have ordered it, but because they offered it, I decided to try it. Oh. My. Goodness. That was the best soup I've ever had! And so we always went to Snappers when we were in Savannah so I could get my fill of shrimp bisque. I would even get an order to go when we left, and take it home and put it in the freezer for a later day. I loved it! (/aside)

So it just became a given with my parents and I that we would eat dinner at Snappers after getting settled in the hotel. Because I never did the driving in Savannah (and it had been 8 years) I didn't know exactly how to get there, but we found directions online and headed off.

We pull into the parking lot and what do we see? "Uncle Bubba's Oyster House". Damn it! No shrimp bisque. But we were there, so we went in for dinner.

Everything had changed, of course. They had live music by a local duo, Bucky and Barry, which was very loud. Gabriella had her hands over her ears at first, but then as we sat waiting for our meal, we watched her arms drop down and she started bee-bopping in her seat. Bucky and Barry did some wonderful covers of "Brown Eyed Girl", "Hotel California", and the like, and pretty soon Ella was out of her seat and dancing around her chair, as if she just couldn't help herself. It was the most adorable thing! We enjoyed Bucky and Barry's music so much, and the way they brought Gabriella to her feet, we bought their CD on the way out.

So the lack of shrimp bisque was made up for by a nice evening and good music. I wish Bucky and Barry had a website I could link you to. But if you're ever in Savannah, (and if you have the chance you must go to Savannah!)find out where they are playing and go see them! (And if anyone out there knows anything about the shrimp bisque recipe from Snappers, please email me!!)

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