Sunday, March 13, 2005

20 random songs - again

Okay, we're going to play this game again, because it was fun last time, and who couldn't use a game once and a while to distract them from life? Here's a review - I'll take the first random 20 songs to pop up on my iPod, and give you a snippet of the lyrics here. Your job is to guess the title and artist of the song. Get it right first, and I'll strike out the lyrics and put a pretty little link to your site for all to see. (Some of these songs could possibly have been recorded by more than one singer or group. In that case I will accept any artist who has done it.)

UPDATE: You guys are awesome! You got them all!! Thanks for playing along!

  1. "I won't be your dirty secret, I won't be your cure-all pill,"Sarah got I Will, But, by SheDaisy
  2. "Siam's gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness. This grips me more than would a muddy old river or reclining Buddah." Veda got One Night In Bankok, by Murray Head.
  3. "One day I ventured in love never once suspecting what the final result would be." J&J\'s Mom got Race Is On (on my ipod by Sawyer Brown)
  4. "After seven days, He was quite tired, so God said: 'Let there be a day just for picnics with wine and bread.'" J&J\'s Mom got God Shuffled His Feet, by Crash Test Dummies.
  5. "I don't want a pizza, I don't want a piece of peanut brittle, I don't want a pear. I don't want a bagel I don't want a bean I wouldn't like a bag of beef or a beer..." Mamacita got Dinner Bell, by They Might Be Giants.
  6. "It's not her fault that she's so irresistible. But all the damage she's caused isn't fixable. Every twenty seconds you repeat her name..." Mamcita got Objection (Tango) by Shakira.
  7. "I do not want to be a rose. I do not wish to be pale pink, but flower scarlet, flower gold, and have no thorns to distance me..." J&J\'s Mom got Bright As Yellow, by Innocence Mission.
  8. "I want somebody who care for my passionately, with every thought and with every breath." Veda got Somebody, by Depeche Mode.
  9. "I'm tryin' to cut down on my caffeine consumption, so when I get up I just have one cup of coffee, and I like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast, and on the way to work I like to get a cup of coffee." Mitzi got Stress, by Jim's Big Ego.
  10. "Bags are packed, I just can't wait. Gotta get out before it gets too late. I don't need you any more, and I don't need your love for sure." Sarah got Walk Away From Love (on my ipod, by Yaz)
  11. "There'll be times, when my crimes will seem almost unforgivable. I give in to sin because you have to make this life liveable." Ella got Strangelove, by Depeche Mode.
  12. "Stay in your life boats people. Stay in your life boats people. It's murder out there." Femme Forte got Sharks, by Morphine.
  13. "I got lotsa style, check my gold diamond rings.I can go for miles if you know what I mean." Mrs. Mac got Get This Party Started, by Pink.
  14. "I can turn and walk away or I can fire the gun, staring at the sky, staring at the sun. Whichever I shose it amounts to the same, absolutely nothing." Monique got Killing An Arab, by The Cure.
  15. "Half my life is in books' written pages. Live and learn from fools and from sages..." Mamacita got Dream On, by Aerosmith.
  16. "I loved you since I knew you. I wouldn't talk down to you. I have to tell you just how I feel. I won't share you with another boy." Sarah got Roxanne, (on my ipod, by The Police)
  17. "I don't know what they told you. Don't even care what about. All I know is I'm clean as a whistle, Baby. I didn't let the cat out." Judy and Sarah Irene worked together to get Never Said, by Liz Phair.
  18. "I like to play the drums. I think I'm getting good but I can handle criticism. I'll show you what I know and you can tell me if you think I'm getting better on the drums..." Mrs. Mac got Doctor Worm, by They Might Be Giants.
  19. "All you hear is time stand still in travel and feel such peace and absolute. The stillness still that doesn't end but slowly drifts into sleep." Mamacita got You Are The Everything, by REM.
  20. "If she says come inside I'll come inside for her. If she says give it all I'll give everything to her." Monique got Sanctified, by Nine Inch Nails.

Unfortunately Rebecca didn't leave me any email or homepage link, so I can't answer her directly, but the answer to her challenge is Strawberry Wine, by Deena Carter.
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