Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Of Lasagna and Donuts

I've mentioned before that Bubblehead and I have been together since high school - fourteen years now. I think that may be why there is a child-like quality to our relationship at times. This is a conversation he and I had while watching TV recently.

Sitting watching TV, about 11:00 pm. Donuts flash upon the screen.

Me: "Wait! Pause it!"

Bubblehead pauses the TV

Me: "I want donuts!"

Bubblehead: stares at me blankly, knowing where this is going.

Me: "Really! I want donuts.... PLEASE!"

B: "Then go get some"

Me: "I can't go. I'm not dressed."

B: "Neither am I"

Me: "But you LOOK dressed"

B: "I can't go out in sweats" (Bubblehead has a rule about not going out in public in sweatpants. It just can't be done.)

Me: "Yes you can! It's after eleven! Between the hours of eleven pm and four am it's perfectly acceptable to go out in sweats." (If he can make up rules, then so can I)

B: "There won't be be any donuts at this time of night."

Me: "Yes, there will. PLEASE!"

B: "I'm not going out to get donuts!"

I give up, because though I really want a donut, I'm not going out to get one, and it's clear he isn't into the idea of fetching one for me. We go back to watching TV. Soon lasagna flashes upon the screen.

Me: "I want lasagna!!"

B: rolls his eyes at me and sighs. I think he's thinking that even though I'm the cutest thing he's ever laid eyes on and he loves me more than life itself, forever is a very long time when you begin it at nineteen.

No he never did go get me the lasagna or the donuts, but he's still more than I deserve.
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