Monday, December 19, 2005

Half past Jingle Bells

Bubblehead's mother, when putting together our Christmas gifts, always includes a few extras that are to be opened early, on days she specifies. The kids love this. These gifts are usually Christmas decorations for us to enjoy before the holiday.

Our December 5th gift this year was a clock, with snowmen on it. The obnoxious fun thing about this clock is that it plays Christmas carols - a different one for each hour of the day.

Now I was sure I was going to hate this clock, but it actually hasn't been too bad. It has a light sensor on it, so when it's dark, it doesn't sing. I wouldn't want this clock around all year, but I can tolerate it for a month, because my kids love it.

It has changed the way we tell time around here, though. We have started to say things like "Is it 'Deck The Halls' already?!", and "At 'Joy To The World' it's time to start picking up the playroom".

Oh, and bedtime? Appropriately, is 'Silent Night'.
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