Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Our trip to Europe - Chapter 6

Preface, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

These next two entries will be on the dull side (even more so) because they consist mainly of traveling. I'll try to make them short while still including all the detail I want for my own journal. Stick with me, for I will soon cover our time in London.

We had just enjoyed a lovely day driving around the more rural areas outside Paris. It had been the most charming experience I've ever had. One of the things Bubblehead wanted to see was Normandie, so we decided to drive north, and take a ferry over to England from there. We headed out of Paris the next morning toward the city of Caen. We had lunch en route, via a Burger King drive-thru, and found humor in the fact that they call Diet Coke "Coke Light". When we arrived in Caen we found our hotel, which was this lovely building that was obviously not originally built to be a hotel.

The young gentleman who showed us to our room had me enter the tiny little elevator, and then put our one large suitcase in with me. The elevator was now very full. He pressed the correct button, and then he and Bubblehead headed up the narrow, winding staircase to met me on the third floor. There they were when the door opened, and they manuvered the suitcase out so that I could exit.

The room was again small, but comfortable. At this time I had been going non-stop for the last five days, and the thought of lugging my pregnant body around the chilly Normandie beach was not my idea of fun, so I bid Bubblehead farewell, and layed myself down on the bed for a nap. I spent the rest of the day relaxing, and washing socks and underware in the sink. I also remember singing lullabies outloud to my baby boy - the same lullabies I had been singing to Gabriella for the last 20 months. (I wish I could tell you about Normandie. I will have to leave that to Bubblehead.)

When Bubblehead returned we went walking to see the surrounding area a bit and find a place to eat. We once again went for Italian food, because I was feeling cranky and high-maintenance (more than usual), and Italian is what sounded good to me. We ate at La Maison D'Italie, where I enjoyed the tortelloni a la creme and an evian, with mousse chocolat for dessert. We then went back to go to bed. This was about the half-way point, and I was wondering if I was going to make it walking around London!

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