Friday, January 28, 2005

Innovations in Pizza

I find the pizza companies' attempt at reinventing the pizza every three months amusing. It a pizza folks. No matter how you change the shape, it's going to taste like a pizza. Thin crust, thick crust, no crust, stuffed crust, double-decker, square and round in an assortment of sizes. Every time I think they've taken the pizza as far as they can, they come up with a new idea. The latest I've seen is the "dippin' strips". This is simply a square pizza cut into strips rather than slices, and 3 sauces provided for dipping your pizza into. Brilliant!!

Why don't you really push the boundaries of pizza? Pepperoni, onion, and cheese over tomato sauce is good, but it has been done. Here are a few of my ideas...

  • Breakfast pizza - scrabbled eggs, sausage, bacon, sauteed onion, mushrooms, peppers, cheese on a pizza crust with a holandaise sauce.
  • Kid's Classic - peanut butter with jelly or honey, and a top crust to keep the mess to a minimum. Served with a glass of milk, of course.
  • Pot Roast - Slow-cooked pot roast, shredded with thin slices of roasted carrots, potatoes, and onion with a gravy sauce.
  • Spaghetti - Garlic crust topped with sauce, spaghetti, and parmesan cheese. (meatballs are extra)
  • Paella - saffron rice with polish sausage, shrimp, olives, shredded chicken - the possiblities go on for days. (Although I think this may be better as a calzone.)

Okay, so they may not be winners, but I'm telling you, Dominos and Pizza Hut will be hurting for ideas soon. If you see any of these pop up on their menus you know who they stole them from!
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