Friday, January 07, 2005

A birthday gift to remember *Updated*

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

One upon a time there was a young lady, who was very much in love with her husband. And her husband loved her very much as well. As the young lady's birthday was upcoming, husband wanted to get a fine gift worthy of his lovely wife.

Two days before her big day, it was decided that Young Lady would travel north to visit her family. As Husband had to work, they agreed he would join her on the evening of her birthday for a celebration dinner.

After Young Lady's departure, Husband learned at work that there was a ticket available for a local hockey game. Not just a ticket, but a front row, on-the-ice once in a blue moon kind of ticket. But alas, the game was to take place on his beloved wife's birthday.

After discussing the predicament, the very understanding, extremely gracious lady told her husband that EVEN THOUGH it was her birthday, that after all only comes but once a year, she knew how much he loved to watch hockey, and she appreciated that this was an extraordinary ticket. Young Lady told Husband to enjoy the game, and the family would hold the festivities until the following evening, when Husband could join them. (She put her birthday on hold people - for a hockey game.)

Husband went to the game and enjoyed it very much, and rushed to his very understanding wife's side just as soon as he could. The family delighted in a charming evening of dinner and merriment. When the time came for opening of gifts, Young Lady excitedly reached for her dear Husband's gift to her, knowing that no other person on earth knew her as he, and certainly he would choose the perfect gift to commemorate this day.

She tore the paper off of the small garment box and tossed it aside. Smile on her face and love in her heart, she opened the lid and unfolded the delicate tissue paper to find... pajamas. Pajamas emblazoned with the logo of the local hockey team. (As in, he did his only shopping for her AT the game that he went to INSTEAD of being with her on her birthday!!)

Young Lady and Husband are still together today, and still very much in love. Ever the charming, understanding, UNBELIEVABLE woman that she is, Young Lady has forgiven her darling Husband, Forgiven, yes, but never forgotten.

*Author's note: To answer your questions, yes, while they were very nice jammies, they were SUMMER jammies, and we're talking about January here. Not only that, but I was 5 months pregnant at the time, so either way I wasn't going to be wearing them for a while. I wrote this story not only because, well, it's classic, but also because once again my birthday is approaching, and I wanted to plant the seed in my darling husband's mind that he really should try a little harder.
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