Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sleeping Mommy got me

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  1. I watched The Da Vinci Code last night. I liked the book better. (I usually do.) And speaking of books, Angels and Demons was a much better book.
  2. I *so* want to grow herbs. I try every year and have never had success. I have some in a pot that I planted a couple weeks ago, and so far (knock on wood), except for the little critter that got to them one night and dug up my parsley, they are doing okay.
  3. I get blisters on my hands every time I mow the lawn. I guess my delicate hands weren't made for manual labor.
  4. And speaking of mowing, my 7 year old still calls it a mow lawner, rather than a lawn mower. I think that's cute, so I don't correct her. I can just hear her all grown up asking her husband to go "mow lawner" the grass.
  5. I've played the piano since I was five. That's probably on my blog somewhere, but it sure seems random enough.
  6. I'm tired of painting. I've painted Alex's room (two coats primer, two coats top coat), Ella's room (two coats), my room (two coats primer, two coats top coat), and the living room (two coats.) I still have the kitchen and dining room to go, plus I'm painting stripes on one wall of Alex's room, and his toy box to match. Then I need to do the half bath. And that's just the more immediate plans. (Thanks do go out to Mom and Dad, Bubblehead, and Suzanne for all their help, and to Suzanne and Juli for watching the kids now and then!) I really need to not move again for a really long time, because I just can't take any more painting!

I won't tag anyone. No, that's not true. I will tag one person - my niece. Anyone else who would like to pipe in, let me know so I can stop by!
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