Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Taking Ella to school.

"Hey Mommy, what is that girl doing?"
Walking to school

"But how will she get to school?"
She's walking there.

"What is her school named?"
She probably goes to ABC Elementary School, right over there.

Because that is the one her parents wanted her to go to.

I don't know Baby.

What Ella.

"Where is that DIP sign?
We pasted it several blocks back.

"Did I miss it?"

Because you were busy talking about that girl.

"What girl?"
The one you saw walking to school, remember?

"Oh yeah..... Hey Mom?"
What Sweetie.

What Sweetie.

"Ummmm... when I'm five I will go to kindergarten, and I will go the same days that Daddy goes to work!"
Yes, that's right.

"So me and Daddy will have adventures on those days?"
Yes Sweetie.

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