Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gabriella's quip du jour - a year in review

Many people have said that they really enjoy the "quip du jours", which is funny because I never thought anyone would enjoy them but me, and I started doing them mainly because I wanted to write them down so I would never forget some of the funny things she says.

For those of you who do enjoy them (myself included) here are some of my favorites:

  • "Pardon me father, but could I trouble you to please go away!"

  • "That's my sorry!"

  • (yelling) "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting.....ME..... the horrible dancer!!" (She still says this, although now it is her brother who is the horrible dancer)

  • (Said to her Daddy in a very stern voice, finger pointing in emphasis, after he had spun her around like a centrifuge.)

    "That's dizzy, Daddy!......Do it again!"

  • Me - "Gabriella, I want you to appologize to your Daddy for being sassy."

    Gabriella - "Daddy, sorry I sauced you!"

  • (As I was bringing Little Man into her room to play)

    "He can't come in here! I'm busy, and he can't take my busies away!"

  • (Introducing her brother to some random stranger.)

    "This is Alex. When he's being naughty, Mommy calls him No Sir!"

  • "Grandpa's a cool dude!"

  • Gabriella and her grandma wandering around the backyard in early spring.

    Grandma: "Ella, look at all those tulips! Aren't they pretty?"

    Gabriella: "I have "twolips"! They are red, and they are on my face!"

  • Gabriella: "I'm wearing all green today. I'm acting like Minty!"

    Me: "Really."

    Gabriella: "And Alex is acting like Wysteria!"

    Me: "I see. And what about me?"

    Gabriella: "You're acting like a crazy lady!"

  • "It's a good thing there's an Ella!"


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