Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My little Pixie Chick

I wrote a post a while back about my dear Little Man, and so as not to be accused of playing favorites, I'd like to write a bit about my daughter.

Gabriella is my first born, and I think that there exists a special bond between a mother and her first baby. Unfortunately as a mother you can never give the same kind of attention to either one of your children once you have a second that you could when you only had one.

In our early days together, I was a typical new mom. I was up all night, worring about how much she was eating. Every move and sound she made was amazing to me. I would sit and watch her for hours. I would hold her while she napped, even though she would have been perfectly happy sleeping in her crib or her swing. Some people would say I spoiled her, but I don't think it's possible to spoil a newborn baby.

It's funny the perspective life gives you. I remember being at home alone with baby Ella and struggling to get a shower some days, or make myself something to eat. It was difficult sometimes, but that's because it was different from what I knew before. Being a mother of two now, there are times I look back at how easy I had it then I wished I had seen it that way at the time.

I gave all of my attention to Gabriella, and many people have said that it's obvious how much. She's a very smart little girl, and remembers everything. I was amazed at her about a year ago that after casually going over a map of the US with her, how much she remembered.

She is the same now as she has always been - happy all of the time. Although she is a challenge (and what 3 year old isn't?), she's a very good girl. There is a sparkle in her eyes that is rare, and I think that because of her spirit and her drive she will be a success no matter what she does.

She has inherited her looks from her daddy. She has gorgeous natural curls in her hair, and the most kissable cheeks in the world! She is absolutely beautiful. (I bet you can't tell her mother is writing this!)

From me she has inherited all the worst parts of me. Perhaps this is the critical side of me, but it is a humbling experience to see some of the behaviors you hate about yourself reflected in your child. She has my temper and impatience. I'm hoping that in the long run this will help to make me a better person.

Ella-bear (as we call her, because everyone should have a Care Bear name) floats through life. She is whimsical and care-free. She is a loving little girl, who crys when she sees her mother cry. She is exactly like a little pixie - you can almost see the tiny sparkles trailing off behind her as she skips through life.

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