Friday, April 15, 2005

The Titanic sails into history

I'm going to wrap up my play-by-play here. I'm sure you know I've given you the short version of the story. There is so much more to tell, including the rescue, the controversy surrounding the Leland liner Californian, both the American and the British investigations into the disaster, and hashing out all those legends. Just like every person on that ship had a story before the ship sank, every survivor had a story afterward. For nearly every one of them, the Titanic would become a part of them forever.

It is a facinating tale, made up of real people. This is what keeps me interested. These people were (for all intents and purposes - I don't have a personal maid, but that is beside the point) just like you and me, with lives, and loves. They had jobs and families. They stepped onto a ship in 1912 the way we might get into a car or an airplane, and their lives changed forever.

That, and the series of events that put the Titanic in that exact place with that iceberg at that exact moment. One little event changed in the slightest, and I might have been writing tonight about Anastasia Romanov (who I'm sure would have been "my Titanic" otherwise).

I hope that sometime today you'll stop and think about the 2,207 (give or take - there are different figures depending upon your source) people whose lives changed, or ended, 93 years ago today.

I would be happy to try to answer any questions you might have - just leave them below. I'll leave you with a question: What is the significance of the time stamped upon this post?
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