Sunday, October 17, 2004

Volume Switch

(I must preface this by letting you know that this is not my original idea - my mother came up with this one, but I'm behind her 100% here)

I think I've found a fantastic invention - one that is sure to make me rich. Of course the idea part of inventing is really the easiest part, isn't it...

I think we should have a volume switch for children. When those sweet little voices screech a tad too much for us, we could simply turn them down. All those bedtime requests for "I need something" (water, potty, flashlight, another story) could be turned down to a very tolerable whisper. You could even watch the humor of your kids fighting over the same toy if you didn't have to hear those ear-piercing screams. We could attatch it to their now useless belly buttons. What do ya think?

I wonder if, while we're at it, we could just turn that knob all the way down to "off", so we could get some extra sleep now and then.
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