Thursday, October 14, 2004

My first spa experience - 4 years in the making

So here I am back from Keystone. Two days ago I was enjoying all four stars of the Keystone Lodge. Today I am lounging in sweats trying to recover from a night of little sleep. I am enjoying my kids - isn't so nice when you are given the opportunity to miss them!

Nestled within this glorious two days was one heavenly hour in which I was actually pampered, as opposed to the constant caring for others that I normally experience. I went to the spa for a body wrap. Now you have to understand here that I have been wanting desperately to go a spa since I was pregnant with Gabriella. (For those of you who are following along, that's four years!) There's always been something to stop me. (A new PDA vs. a spa trip? I generally choose new toys - I just can't help it. All that power right in my hand, that I can carry around with me. A game of Boggle any time, any where - who could resist?)

Anyway, this is quite a build-up for me. I'm reading through the spa brochure while I'm waiting for my appointment, and it's telling me that to maximize the benefits of my experience, it is important to be well-hydrated. Easy enough. I down the bottled water the hotel provided (which followed 2 cups of tea).

Now I'm in the spa, changed into my robe and slippers and awaiting my hour of pampering. (Yes, I used the bathroom before I left. I'm a mom, so I know the importance of using the bathroom before you go anywhere.) I'm lead into a room with soft lights and soft music. I'm left to "lay down on the table face down and cover yourself with this towel as best you can". Have you ever tried to lay face down and cover yourself with a towel? This isn't easy, but I get it done.

In comes Marissa - I'm terrible with names, but I think her name was Marissa. She spends the next 45 minutes exfoliating me, and rubbing scented oils into my skin. (This felt very nice, however I can't help but wish the entire time that I had shaved my legs more recently than 2 days ago!) Then I'm covered with a hot towel and literally wrapped in more towels, and plastic, and then more towels. While I'm steaming I get a face, neck, and scalp massage, and then I'm left to bake relax by myself for about ten minutes. I am really trying my hardest to relax and enjoy this but the entire time I have to pee - badly! How could I have to pee again? I just went! Oh why didn't I pee again when I changed? This really took the fun out of the experience for me.

Lessons learned: While it is important to be well-hydrated, there is such a thing as over-hydrated.
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